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Make Your Bed and Stay in, All Day: Brits Centering Lives in Bed

Press release   •   Feb 06, 2020 13:47 GMT


  • 61% of Brits prefer to do online shopping from the comfort of their bed
  • More than a third of Brits (37%) choose to work from their bed when given the chance

The role of the bed in the average Brit’s life is transforming from just a place for sleep, with research from Dreams revealing most of the time, over two thirds (61%) of us online shop horizontally. The bed has also become a popular place for working and relaxing in.

The survey of over 2,000 people by the UK’s most recommended bed retailer, uncovering Britain’s relationships with their beds, reveals Londoners are the most likely to grab a bargain and shop online with their feet up and under the duvet (76%), while those living in Glasgow are the least likely to be found surfing the sales from their bedroom (22%).

If given the chance to work from home, more than a third (37%) of the nation choose to work from the comfort of their own bed when working remotely, with Britain’s biggest bed-based employees resting in London (60%).

Compared to males, the research uncovers that females would prefer to keep their sleep and work habits separate, choosing not to spend the working day in bed when signing on remotely (28% (f) vs. 44%(m)). Similarly, it appears men are also more prone to using sleep technology to improve the quality of their sleep (13%) when compared to females (9%).

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep and optimum shut eye, over one third of Brits (32%) try to make sure they have a reliable bedtime routine, helping to improve their overall quality of sleep.

Top 6 factors impacting Brits’ sleep quality:

  • 1.Mattress quality (42%)
  • 2.Dealing with stressful events throughout the day (38%)
  • 3.Pillow quality (38%)
  • 4.Worrying about what the following day will bring (36%)
  • 5.The darkness of the room (30%)
  • 6.Having fresh sheets (29%)

To declutter our headspace and prepare for the week ahead, half (50%) of the nation believe getting a good night sleep is key for a successful week. Meanwhile 32% of the nation choose to change and wash their sheets to help prepare for a new week, although this habit is divided between men and women, as only 29% of males adopt this habit, compared to 36% of females.

In the past eight years, the recommended life span after which consumers are encouraged to invest in a new mattress, 80% of Brits have purchased a new mattress. It’s therefore no surprise that the nation is prioritising quality shuteye and monitoring their sleeping habits. Since the purchase of their new mattress, 81% agree that they have noticed an improvement in their overall quality of sleep.

Memory foam mattresses have proven to be the most popular style, with more than a third of the nation (36%) opting for this style over the traditional spring variety. To get full satisfaction from their bed purchase and stay in a dreamy delirium after their purchases, 59% choose to spend more nights breaking in their bed rather than painting the town red. To top off the new mattress feeling, nearly two thirds (59%) buy or change their sheets to help guarantee a better night’s sleep.

Dr Pixie McKenna, Dreams Sleep Expert comments: “With more of us increasingly spending a large proportion of our time in bed, relaxing, unwinding or taking on bed-bound activities, it’s never been more important to find the right mattress, suitable to your own unique preferences and requirements. The Sleepmatch technology available in Dreams stores across the UK maps your body, taking 18 statistical measurements, then making thousands of calculations to take the effort out of finding the perfect fit.”

Dr Pixie McKenna continues: “As well as the mattress, you should also consider the bed frame too. With more Brits opting to work, rest and play from bed, an adjustable bed frame that allows you to vary your position – depending on activity – may be well-worth considering. The Sleepmotion range, available from Dreams, is the perfect lifestyle choice for any bed-lover. The adjustable frame allows you to change the angle and height of the head and foot of the bed, giving you the comfort to sit up and read your book, or put your feet up after a long day.”


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About Dreams:

Established in 1985, Dreams is the UK’s number one specialist bed retailer.

Headquartered at ‘Bedquarters’ in High Wycombe, and with 1,850 employees across the UK, Dreams sells 10,000 mattresses, bases and headboards per week to customers nationwide through its store network of 190 sites and online.

Dreams is a proud British business, committed to continue making its products in this country, as it does now at the Dreams Bed Factory in Oldbury. At the factory, Dreams manufactures over 200,000 mattresses a year and over 160,000 beds. These products are then distributed via nine dedicated delivery service to customers anywhere in the country via a fleet of over 100 Dreams delivery vans.

Dreams recently launched Hyde & Sleep, the new British ‘bed in a box’ brand

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