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Ductor a winner of the Red Herring Europe 100 Award

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Ductor a winner of the Red Herring 100 Europe Award 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Helsinki, Finland 11 April 2013 – Ductor, the Finnish biotechnology company specializing in disruptive algae technology, announce today that Red Herring, a global media company, has named Ductor a winner of the Red Herring Europe 100 awards.

Ductor’s products and business model will disrupt several traditional business models in biofuels and fertilizer production as well as waste management, thus helping the world move to a more sustainable life model.

Ari Ketola, CEO and Co-founder of Ductor comments:  “As a young and ambitious company, we very much appreciate this acknowledgement by Red Herring.  We truly believe that our sustainable technology will change the traditional business models in several key industry sectors, lowering emissions and helping secure global food supplies.  1.5 years ahead of the original schedule and finalising the testing phase, we are currently in the process of commercializing our technology and looking for licensing partners worldwide.”

Harnessing the power of ammonia, Ductor hopes to revolutionize both farming and biofuel industry by the end of this summer.  The company is developing the world’s first industrial scale ammonia and phosphate production technology based on a 100 percent biological process that actually reduces, rather than contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Firstly, on the fertilizer side, Ductor’s technology replaces current industrial production of ammonia from natural gas and mining-based phosphates production. The end product is 100 % biologically produced fertilizers, equal to strength to chemically manufactured fertilizers.

Secondly, on the crude oil side, this technology is a commercially viable way of producing crude oil organically by using algae.

Thirdly, since the process uses organic waste as raw material, it has a very positive impact on the waste management industry as well.

The Ductor bioprocess is extremely economical, as it produces its own energy for the process.  Cost efficiency has always been one of the key drivers of Ductor’s overall process design, and making the business case viable also for developing countries.

About Ductor

Ductor Corp. is a Finnish biotechnology company with a unique portfolio of proprietary and patented technology for biologically producing ammonia and phosphates from recycled materials and a process that makes production of green crude oil from algae commercially viable.  Licensed manufactures can use the Ductor technology to produce green crude for the biofuel industry, and organic fertilizers that are equal in strength to chemical fertilizers, yet more environmentally sustainable.

About Red Herring

Red Herring is a global media company which unites the world’s best high technology innovators, venture investors and business decision makers in a variety of forums: a leading innovation magazine, an online daily technology news service, technology newsletters and major events for technology leaders around the globe.  Red Herring provides an insider’s access to the global innovation economy, featuring unparalleled insights on the emerging technologies driving the economy.

Notes to editors: Ductor in Red Herring editorial 15 March 2013

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