Press releases   •   Mar 13, 2019 07:00 GMT

Engblad & Co launches Modern Spaces. A sophisticated wallpaper collection which embraces modern architecture and focuses on style conscious homes. This exclusive collection displays a strict minimalism while also giving rooms a soft, refined feel. Modern Spaces gives structure and harmony to every moment of life.


Press releases   •   Jan 24, 2019 07:00 GMT

Engblad & Co will launch the iconic and long-awaited pattern Dancing Crane, designed by Emma von Brömssen, in new colour settings. The Dancing Crane Special Edition consists of three new wallpapers with a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic which creates a stylish and balanced whole in the home. The Special Edition will be launched at the end of January.


Press releases   •   Nov 07, 2018 07:00 GMT

Graphic World is a modern graphic wallpaper collection designed by Engblad & Co. Consisting of simple, striking shapes combined with elegant, Scandinavian minimalism; the collection suits a variety of rooms and interior styles.


Press releases   •   Sep 05, 2018 07:00 BST

Global Living is an expressive wallpaper collection featuring finely balanced colourways and patterning sourced from around the globe. The designers at Studio Engblad, were inspired by the cultures and traditions that have shaped us down through the millennia. This wealth of designs embodies our heritage and our roots, but also spells our future.

Engblad & Co launches Miramar in new Limited Edition Color

Press releases   •   May 23, 2018 07:00 BST

In late May, Studio Engblad launches a new Limited Edition color of the Miramar pattern in Ocean Blue. The Miramar pattern is part of the Lounge Luxe collection, launched as late as January. Miramar is one of the most loved patterns in the collection, and it was obvious for Studio Engblad to create a new exclusive color.

Embrace the light with White & Light wallpaper collection from Engblad & Co

Press releases   •   May 02, 2018 07:00 BST

Engblad & Co launches White & Light. For lovers of light, this collection is a feast for the senses. From smooth surfaces, graphic forms and classic stripes to ornaments and foliage, the colour white has never been more versatile or expressive.

Engblad & Co – Winner of ELLE Decoration Swedish De-sign Awards 2018 with “Wallpaper of the year 2018” for Ilse Creawford collection Atmospheres

Press releases   •   Feb 06, 2018 07:00 GMT

​Sweden’s largest design award, ELLE Decoration Design Awards, was launched yesterday and many winners were corroded in the presence of the industry and prominent guests. The award “Wallpaper of the year 2018” was awarded to Engblad & Co collection Atmospheres which is a design collaboration with Ilse Crawford.

New wallpaper collection creates that getaway feeling in your home

Press releases   •   Dec 08, 2017 07:00 GMT

Swedish wallpaper brand Engblad & Co announces the release of its latest collection, Lounge Luxe. Inspired by some of the world’s most iconic hotels, the collection’s 12 prints are characterised by indulgent, exclusive luxury and a passion for visual storytelling – they also allow for the creation of that fantastic ‘getaway’ feeling in the home environment.

ATMOSPHERES – the first wallpaper collection by Ilse Crawford

Press releases   •   Jun 15, 2017 07:00 BST

The latest collection from Engblad & Co is the result of a collaboration with British designer and founder of Studioilse, Ilse Crawford. Known for her humanistic approach to design, Ilse’s collection for Engblad & Co is a series of wallpapers that express the human touch and form a warm background for contemporary life.

​Arkiv Engblad – a piece of modern wallpaper history

Press releases   •   Jan 09, 2017 09:00 GMT

As a tribute to its remarkable wallpaper heritage of modern and stylish patterns which has been a trademark for over 170 years, Engblad & Co is introducing a collection of historic prints from its one-of-a-kind archive.

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A leading contemporary Scandinavian wallpaper brand with premium design

A leading contemporary Scandinavian wallpaper brand with premium design. Engblad & Co design wallpapers which inspire a modern interior. The wallpaper collections are characterized by a combination of contemporary Scandinavian design with international influences.



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