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Member of the FSB in the UK?

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Member of the FSB in the UK?

We are now offering FSB members the ability to enjoy our no charge business cost cutting service designed to cut costs & increase services. Now enjoy your 10% discount off all mobile, laptop & tablet repairs in-house. iPhone and Samsung repairs have been carried out by our sister company Repair Xperts for nearly 14 years. Known & highly trusted Nationwide. Call us on 01952 246 161.
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Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell

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Making Complicated Business Savings... Simple

The Enhanced Group UK is a powerful collaboration of UK business cost cutting companies owned by the same directors that is designed to help businesses save money through the influence they are able to exert on service providers.

Each wing of the company is designed to specialise in a particular expertise that allows us the freedom to bring to you a solution to bring costs down while either matching or if possible enhancing your current level of service, we make complicated savings, very simple.

With experts in place to help you save money while you concentrate on running your business we are known as consultants, not sales people. We thrive because we only earn money when we save you money, and because we want to work with you for the life of your business we always aim to make every experience you have with us a very positive one.

Welcome to the Enhanced Group UK, How can we help you save money today?