Progress in paternity and parental leave for fathers – Are baby steps enough?

Blog posts   •   Oct 15, 2018 09:00 BST

Few events challenge the equilibrium between work and life like the arrival of a child. As gender roles continue to change in Europe, supporting the uptake of paternity and parental leave among fathers is fundamental, not just to close the ‘caring gap’ between men and women, but also to provide the best possible outlook for coming generations.

World Mental Health Day: Common approach to burnout still lacking

News   •   Oct 10, 2018 07:00 BST

​Today is World Mental Health Day, a yearly event held by the World Health Organization with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilising efforts in support of mental health. Eurofound has made a limited number of copies of its latest report on Burnout i​n the workplace available to order, free of charge, via its website

Feelings of insecurity widespread in Europe

News   •   Oct 09, 2018 11:00 BST

Feelings of insecurity in several dimensions of life are widespread in the EU, even among those who are materially well-off. Only 1% of the EU population enjoys the highest level of security in the combined areas of personal security and security in housing, healthcare, employment and old-age income.

Big differences in female share of employment and management in Europe

News   •   Oct 04, 2018 09:00 BST

​On average, women make up 36% of all managers in Europe. Some of the newer Member States lead the way in terms of the equal representation of men and women both in labour markets and in management. This graph shows the female share of management in each of the Member States.

Equality still far from reach for women in management

News   •   Oct 02, 2018 15:16 BST

Management is still mostly a man's game. The limited presence of women in management roles in European workplaces, despite years of gender equality policy, illustrates the magnitude of the challenge in achieving gender equality at work and highlights the need for more concerted effort and comprehensive long-term strategies to drive change.

Better living and working conditions in a language we can all understand

News   •   Sep 26, 2018 08:45 BST

Today is European Day of Languages, a yearly event that celebrates the linguistic diversity of a continent with over 200 European languages, 24 official EU languages, around 60 regional or minority languages, and many more spoken by people from other parts of the world.

Getting to grips with the growth of platform work

News   •   Sep 25, 2018 09:00 BST

Platform work is still small in scale in Europe, but it is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly important for the digital economy. Much needs to be done, not just to track and adapt to its development, but also to ensure that we have a common definition of what platform work is and how it impacts the broader world of work.

Europe’s frayed ends: Understanding the challenges of 21st century burnout

News   •   Sep 10, 2018 14:55 BST

The effects of burnout on workers can be severe; without detection and proper treatment burnout symptoms can last several years – impacting not just the health of individual workers, but also business success and broader economic performance. However, a lack of clear definition and understanding of burnout has resulted in a disparate and fragmented policy response at national level.

New tasks in old jobs: Manufacturing in Europe increasingly driven by automation

News   •   Sep 06, 2018 10:18 BST

The importance of physical tasks in manufacturing is generally declining due to automation; with more intensive use of digitally controlled equipment, and the increasing importance of quality standards, resulting in a growing amount of intellectual tasks for manual industrial workers.

Upcoming policy brief: Women in management

News   •   Aug 21, 2018 15:41 BST

Eurofound's forthcoming policy brief focuses on women who have overcome the barriers and advanced into management. It aims to assess whether women, once they have reached a managerial role, continue to encounter obstacles that their male counterparts do not face.

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