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Budapest, Paris and Amsterdam report longest commuting times among EU capitals

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Budapest, Paris and Amsterdam report longest commuting times among EU capitals

People living in Budapest, Paris and Amsterdam report among the longest commuting times in the EU, according to Eurofound's new analysis of the 2016 European Quality of Life Survey.

The analysis - which looks at various aspects of quality of life and well-being - shows that, among EU capitals, people in these three cities report the longest time commuting. The analysis from Eurofound also shows significant differences in reported commuting time between people living in capital cities and those living in rest of the country. For example, people living in Paris reported 31 minutes longer commuting per day than those living in the rest of France, in Sofia residents reported commuting 30 minutes longer than those living in the rest of Bulgaria, and people living in Budapest reported spending 25 minutes longer commuting than those living in the rest of Hungary.

Despite these longer than average commuting times, capital city residents still rate the quality of public transport higher than the population in the rest of country - showing that issues such as connectivity and choice in terms of mode of transport are also taken into consideration. 

This analysis from Eurofound follows new research from the European Environment Agency (EEA) which highlights that Rome, Dublin and Paris have the largest amount of time lost due to traffic congestion in the EU.

Speaking about the findings Tadas Leončikas, Eurofound Senior Research Manager, said "Our analysis shows urban residents are more likely to report environmental problems, such as lack of access to recreational or green areas, litter, noise, traffic congestion and time spent commuting than those living in other areas - this is despite reporting an overall better quality of life and higher life satisfaction".

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