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Create showstopping DIY decorations with IKEA

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Create showstopping DIY decorations with IKEA

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Springtime brings a host of celebrations, from weddings and birthdays, to garden parties and BBQs. This year spruce up your party planning skills by giving DIY decorations a go!

Getting crafty with decorations is a great way to add a unique and personal touch to any space, particularly if you’re finding it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not to mention being a cost-effective and sustainable way to decorate, as you can also use items you already have around the home. At IKEA, we have a number of stylish and affordable products to help you kick start your DIY party projects.

Rosheen Forbes, Commercial Activities and Events Leader at IKEA UK & Ireland, says:

“Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, the first part of any DIY project is having the idea of what you want to create for your party. This can come from DIY blogs, inspiration from other projects or coming up with something yourself. Once you know what you want to do, plan out the steps and materials you’ll need. Choosing materials that are good quality, durable and easy to work with are key, as they will impact the overall look of the project.

“Decorations are a great way to start out DIY-ing, as they’re generally simple and quick to do. For example, rather than buying single-use napkins, use tea towels as a sustainable alternative. The soft blue and white ELLY tea towels are perfect for creating a boho vibe, as well as being a lovely gift for guests to take with them.

“For table decorations, adding colour to white or clear products is a great way to make a statement, or blend in with the colour scheme or theme of the party. It can be as simple as spraying the top of the SKURAR candle holder or dipping the CYLINDER vase into the colour of your choice. Both ideas take minimal effort and time, but make a huge difference when it comes to how your table looks.

“If you have more time on your hands or have little ones that want to get in on the fun, create a terrarium by using the BORRBY lantern. Fill the lantern with a selection of rocks, pebbles, soil and real or faux plants for a unique yet super on trend centre piece. Alternatively, placing tea lights in the lanterns and dotting them around your space can help create a beautiful relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

“Create a stylish chalkboard sign for guests that can be put on tables or on the buffet. Simply pick up chalkboard paint and paint it on the elegant KARMSUND table mirror and let it dry. Once complete, you’ll be left with something you can use many times over for engagement parties, weddings and baby showers.

“At the end of the day, DIY decorations are all about creativity, having fun and making something that you’re proud of!

Please find a selection of products from IKEA to help with DIY projects below. For more details and high res imagery, please do get in touch. For more wonders please visit



IKEA 365+
£1.50/2 pack

Use paint to decorate these plain cork coasters
Lantern for block candle

Make a centre piece for your table by creating your own a terrarium by simply filling the lantern with soil, rocks and real or faux plats

Dip the top of theses vases in to the colour of your choice, and you’ll have a unique vase to show off your flowers
Tea towel
£2.50/4 pack

Turn these faded blue and white tea towels into reusable napkins for a boho-themed outdoor garden party
Candle holder

Pick up a can of spray paint and colour the top of the candle holder. Either choose hues in the same colour scheme or mix and match
Table mirror

Create a beautiful sign by coating the mirror with chalkboard paint and let it dry
Glass dome with base

Once the sun sets on your dinner party, bring out these glass domes with fairy lights inside for a magical looking centre piece
Plant pot

Grab gold foil and place around this white plant pot for an elegant touch

Rather than simply using table numbers, paint these spoons with different shapes and designs



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