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Embrace imperfection with IKEA’s new SAMMANKOPPLA collection

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Embrace imperfection with IKEA’s new SAMMANKOPPLA collection

With more of us living in small city spaces than ever before, practical design that is flexible, affordable and, of course, stylish, has never been more important.

Introducing SAMMANKOPPLA; IKEA’s new limited-edition collection in collaboration with Thai fashion designers Greyhound Original, blending Bangkok street style with IKEA’s apartment-living expertise.

Inspired by the vibrant textiles and patterns of the Thai capital, as well as Greyhound’s love of repurposing, reusing and creative philosophy of “basic, but with a twist”, this is a collection where anything goes, showing that imperfection can be perfect.

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager at IKEA UK and Ireland says:

“Embracing imperfections adds character, personality and helps to make a home truly unique, with a relaxed approach to design instilling a calm and laidback vibe to your interiors. Incorporating recycled materials that have their own history adds to this, with sustainability and creative re-purposing processes being key to the SAMMANKOPPLA collection. The flatwoven rugs are made using recycled PET bottles, making them both an eco-conscious and decorative addition that adds a splash of colour and cool edge to your space.”

“Functionality doesn’t need to be boring, with graphic motifs adding an urban coolness to practicality. Bold patterns inspired by Bangkok’s urban landscape and the designers’ graphic style are central to this collection, with its signature houndstooth design inspired by patterns found in traditional Thai weaving. Add a quirky and playful touch with the practical tote carrier bag providing a unique twist on IKEA’s famous FRAKTA bag.”

“Make a statement with the collection’s numerous bold and quirky products that blend everyday items with functional design. The plastic bottle-inspired light is playful and versatile, available in red, yellow and white. Mix and match to create a colourful look or choose the colour that goes best in your space. You can easily hang it up on the SAMMANKOPPLA hat stand for a quirky lighting feature or add it to a side table as a unique reading lamp. But no matter where it is, it’ll certainly get people talking.”

Please find a selection of products from IKEA’s new SAMMANKOPPLA collection below, launching in September. For more information and for high-res imagery, please do get in touch. To explore more wonders, visit



LED multi-use lighting

Embrace everyday objects with a twist with this unique jug-shaped light

Add a splash of cool to your living space with this geometric cushion

Give your flooring a quick and easy update with this eclectic rug that will make a bold statement in any room
Carrier bag

Easily transport things on foot or by bike with this practical re-usable carrier bag - a fresh twist on IKEA's iconic FRAKTA bag

Keep things organised with this box made from recycled plastic

Add a bold pop of colour and comfort with this emerald cushion, that’s also available in red and blue
Hat and coat stand

Made from steel, this durable stand can be used for hats and coats, or to hang the SAMMANKOPPLA jug-shaped lamps

Add a fun twist to your morning coffee with this houndstooth printed mug
Room divider

Separate your room into zones to create the illusion of more space with this industrial style hammered steel divider 


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