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SS20 Trend Alert: Rural Retreat

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SS20 Trend Alert: Rural Retreat

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Happy New Year! Now in a new decade, we’re looking forward to what we can expect in the world of interiors for 2020. At IKEA, we’re pleased to announce our first Spring/Summer trend, Rural Retreat.

This tranquil trend creates an interplay of both shades and materials; natural and crafted, neutral and bold, down-to-earth and elegant. Organic materials are paired with handcrafted products in a style that celebrates imperfections and highlights the beauty of a simplistic way of life.

Natural colours emphasise the longing for nature and shift from old to new, whilst the sustainable materials demonstrate the progressive and conscious nature of the trend. It’s a look that meshes modern and traditional elements, resulting in a look that is authentic, warm, romantic, fresh and earthy.

Rosheen Forbes, Commercial Activity & Events Leader at IKEA UK & Ireland, says:

“This trend is all about channelling classic chateaux vibes throughout the summer season, by welcoming nature into the home whilst keeping the overall look bold and impactful. Handcrafted homewares collide with modern influences to create a dynamic design outcome that makes the space feel like home.”

“Sustainable homewares are becoming increasingly important for many people; however, IKEA believes this shouldn’t mean compromising on quality, design, or affordability. This is a key element to this trend, in order to not only bring nature into the home but help take care of it on the outside too. Bring rattan objects into your living space in order to incorporate wood in an eco-friendly way. It’s an exceptionally sustainable tropical wood due to the speed at which it grows, renewing itself in only 5-7 years. Meanwhile, the BORSTAD woven basket, made from rattan, makes a handy storage space for extra cushions and blankets. Alternatively keep your laundry beautifully organised with the BORSTAD wooden clothes drying racks, which can either be attached to the wall or free standing depending on which best suits your space.”

“The PRAKTBRÄCKA duvet set is a stunning work of art that should be displayed proudly on your bed. The floral pattern on this beautiful quilt cover and pillowcase is inspired by 18th century patterns, and is reminiscent of Spring time when the flowers start to bloom. What’s more, it’s made from 100% cotton from more sustainable sources so, you can enjoy all the softness and cosiness of the covers knowing that the cotton has been consciously grown.”

“Reminiscent of a basket with its weaved material and form, the gorgeous TORARED pendant lamp shade is made of natural seagrass, a renewable material which makes it a sustainable choice for lighting your living spaces. Hang using a low positioning above your dining table to make it the stunning centrepiece of the room”.

“The finer details within your home are essential for that overall flourish, so ensure you bring in motifs and pattern for that finishing touch. The ROTFJÄRIL cushion cover has a charming green butterfly design on the front to incorporate fresh colour into the space”.

Please find below a selection of products from the Rural Retreat trend below. Please do get in touch for any more information and to explore more new wonders visit




Refresh your home with these printed curtains

Pendant lampshade

Made of seagrass, this pendant lampshade is a great way to show off this rustic trend

Flatwoven rug

This neutral coloured rug is handwoven by skilled craftspeople in India and made with 100% wool
Ceramic vase

Add fresh or artificial flowers to this beautiful hand-painted vase
Woven basket

Store extra cushions and blankets in this stylish basket

Duvet set

This duvet set is both delicate and the neutral colour is easy to match with decorative pillows and throws
Cushion cover

This charming butterfly printed cushion cover is a lovely addition to your sofa or bed
Artificial leaf

Use a selection of artificial leaves, and your home will look fresh all season long
Floor lamp

This classic and sturdy work lamp will brighten up the living room when reading



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