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Start the New Year with smart storage solutions from IKEA

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Start the New Year with smart storage solutions from IKEA

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For many people, new year brings new beginnings and new resolutions. So, this is the perfect time of year to de-clutter your home and organise your belongings after the Christmas festivities. Whether you want to organise your kitchen drawers or completely overhaul your wardrobe, IKEA has plenty of smart, stylish and functional storage solutions.

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager at IKEA UK and Ireland says:

“When updating your home to welcome the New Year, you don’t need to make huge changes. With the smallest of new additions, you can easily spruce up and organise your interiors for the year ahead.

“Storage with lids are an excellent way to make sure your home is kept looking neat, especially in open concept wardrobes and storage units. The RABBLA boxes have a soft warm neutral coloured material, making them easy to match, whilst the solid lid allows for boxes to be stacked as needed”.

“In the bathroom, the compact DRAGAN box has five storage compartments to organise and stash away smaller items, from your favourite beauty products and go-to moisturiser, to hair styling accessories. Make sure you put the belongings that you use daily in their own compartment, making them easy to find. The colour and material of the bamboo makes even the smallest of bathrooms feel light and airy, as well as being a sustainable option that will instantly create a zen and relaxed atmosphere”.

“When organising your side table, look for something that can be closed and has places to store those smaller personal items like rings and hair pins. The stylish SAXBORGA storage box has lots of tiny compartments to separate your smaller items, with its sleek and versatile cork design and neutral colour palette working with a variety of different interior styles. It also has a mirror on the inside, meaning everything you need is in a convenient and organised space - it’s the perfect travel accessory to pack up and go”.

“Eating more sustainably and reducing food waste has never been easier with IKEA’s ÖVERMÄTT food covers. This useful addition fits perfectly over jars and glasses to keep food and drink fresher longer, so you can enjoy your favourite meals without any going to waste.”

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Box with lid

From belts to socks and ties, these stackable storage boxes will help you organise your wardrobe
Food cover

Use these silicone food covers to help reduce food waste and keep your food and drinks fresher for longer
Jar with lid

Great for storing dry food on the counter (doubling up as a design feature) or preserving food with its tight seal
Storage box with lid

The glossy design is made from recycled PET bottles and is perfect for storing papers and smaller items
Box with lid

This bamboo box is made entirely from renewable materials and looks fantastic in an open storage system
Tin with lid set of 2

The ideal way to store sweet treats on the counter

These five boxes neatly fit together to store your favourite small trinkets in a compact way
Storage box with lid

This paper box is great for storing collectibles or other accessories, and is durable enough to be used every day
Storage box with mirror lid

Great for organising those smaller items that can easily get lost; this box has two inserts and 12 different compartments



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