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Colour Focus: Green

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Colour Focus: Green

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Whether it’s the smell of freshly cut grass or the lush, succulent leaves of palm trees; green and its inherent sense of freshness and vitality is synonymous with Summer.

With an intrinsic link to nature, embracing green tones and hues can instantly add a sense of serenity and calm to your interiors, bringing the outdoors into your home. At IKEA, there are a great range of affordable green products on offer to help you do this.

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland says:

“Green is perfect for adding a sense of balance and harmony to your space as it’s often linked with tranquillity, prosperity and freedom.”

“Our GRÅTISTEL net curtains, for example, are great for filtering in soft dappled light, whilst still providing privacy. Alternatively, soft furnishings such as the GURLI cushion are great for adding simple, elegant and soothing touches to the home.”

“Of course, it wouldn’t be green without talking about plants and the wondrous effects that they can have on your interiors. Not only do they purify the air, but they also radiate a wonderful sense of wellbeing. Our STRELITZIA potted plant is a great option for a laidback look.”

Please find a selection of green products from IKEA below. For more information and for high-res imagery, please do get in touch. To explore more new wonders visit



FÄRGRIK  18-piece service Light green £20 STRELITZIA  Potted plant Bird of paradise £19 GRÅTISTEL Net curtains £12
18-piece service set

Enjoy all three courses on this classic service set
Potted plant

Bring the outdoors inside with this luscious potted plant
Net curtains

Let in daylight whilst maintaining privacy with these sheer net curtains
GURLI  Cushion cover Dark green £1.75 FLOTTEBO  Sofa-bed Lysed green £525
Cushion cover

Add an element of luxury to any room with this elegant cushion

Store everything from newspapers to clothes in this leaf motif box

Relax into comfort with this easily adaptable, stylish sofa-bed
SOMMAR 2019  Glass Green £3.50/6 pack SOMMAR 2019  Rug, flatwoven In/outdoor/green/white £25  RÖNNINGE Chair £70
Glass (pack of six)

Serve drinks in these lovely tempered glasses
Rug, flatwoven

Brighten your indoor or outdoor space with IKEA’s striped SOMMAR rug

This olive chair is great for adding some earthy tones to your space



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