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Tonight is to Sleep with IKEA

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Tonight is to Sleep with IKEA

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At IKEA, we believe in the power of sleep, and that making the most of your sleeping hours is vital for helping you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead. It’s easy to sideline sleep when there are so many captivating distractions to keep you up at night, leaving us prioritizing the boxset over our bedtime routine.

How comfortable you are at night, what temperature your body is and how much light gets into your bedroom are just some of the factors that can help you switch off by creating the perfect, relaxing environment to unwind in.

Alee Abas, Bedroom Sales Leader at IKEA UK & Ireland, says:

“The greatest nights are the ones spent in bed, because it’s only there that sleep can work its powerful magic. At IKEA, we want as many people to recognise its importance, which is why we’ve partnered with Dr Guy Meadows, Co-Founder of The Sleep School, to provide expertise and tips on how to get a good night’s shut eye”.

“Being comfy is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Pillow size and firmness is as important for spinal support as your mattress, so choose a pillow that continues the natural line of your spine, from your lower back to your head. With its ergonomic design, IKEA’s ROSENSKÄRME pillow is a great option, with its layers of mouldable and supportive foam providing side and back sleepers with ultimate comfort.

“Temperature is another key factor in achieving better quality and length of sleep, with being too hot or cold keeping us tossing and turning or shivering all night! Most of our body heat escapes through a quilt, so changing up your covers is an easy and simple way to resolve this. If you’re prone to feeling chilly at night, make sure you have a thick, warm duvet with lots of filling, plus cosy blankets to hand if you need extra layers. IKEA’s INGRUN throw is both light weight and warm, whilst the knitted INGABRITTA throw is perfect for snuggling up with. On the other hand, if being too hot is your issue, using sheets and blankets instead of a duvet will help you regulate your body temperature more easily”.

“As well as temperature, the level of light in your bedroom plays a pretty important role in how much shut eye you get. Ensure your room is extra dark at night with IKEA’s TRETUR block-out roller blind, which is both functional and adaptable to all styles of interiors. For a more decorative look, IKEA’s MARJUN room darkening curtains will make a statement, whilst helping to create a sleep-inducing environment. Both are wonderful solutions in helping minimise disturbance from outside sources of light, such as streetlights or sunlight in the morning”.

“Missing out on sleep because of outside noise entering your bedroom can be frustrating. Whether you’re being kept awake by loud neighbours or woken up by bumps in the night, IKEA’s new ODDLAUG sound absorbing panel is a fantastic customisable solution – simply piece it together however you liketo dampen the general sound level in the room. Soft furnishings like rugs and curtains are also great for soundproofing, being a wonderfully easy way to help absorb noise. Minimise the echoing of bare floors (and downstairs neighbours) with layers of rugs, going for a mix of textures and your favourite designs for a cosy feel. IKEA’s KONGSTRUP high pile rug is both tranquil yet bold, whilst the TAULOV rug will help create a more natural look. If the noise is coming from next door, easily solve the problem of thin walls by hanging up a rug, such as IKEA’s colourful BRÖNDEN handwoven option, adding a splash of personality to your room while creating an extra sound-proof barrier”.

“Once you’ve created a wonderfully serene atmosphere in the bedroom, a relaxing bath is the perfect lead up to a good night’s sleep, allowing you to unwind and sink into a state of tranquility. Treat yourself by easily transforming your bathroom into a little slice of self-indulgence with simple and affordable decorative touches to instill an idyllic ‘spa-like’ ambience. IKEA’s EKOLN soap accessories, with their soft, smooth curves, will add a new, fresh look to your wash basin, whilst placing SINNLIG candles around your bath will help melt away any concerns from your day”.

“Bearing all the above in mind, it’s time to hit the lights, plunge into the pillows and dive under the duvet to see what slumber has in store. Because Tonight is to Sleep”.

Please find a selection of products from IKEA below to help create the perfect atmosphere to get a better night’s sleep. For even more inspiration and tips, visit the IKEA Sleep Hub at



Scented candle
Block-out roller blind
Room darkening curtains

Soap dispenser
Ergonomic pillow



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