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European researchers and experts gather to discuss  Mental Health & Well-being of Ageing Populations

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European researchers and experts gather to discuss Mental Health & Well-being of Ageing Populations

Silver Santé researchers, students and guest speakers reveal details of their ongoing studies

Over 90 attendees from across Europe, the United States and Australia joined the public meeting on 16thJune 2021, where ongoing research from the 5 year EU funded Silver Santé Study investigating the impact of interventions on mental health and well-being in the ageing population, was presented.

The online meeting, Mental Health & Well-being in the Ageing Population: Research, Risks and Recommendationscovered presentations and discussions on a range of topics on mental health and well-being in older adults.  A key topic was the brain health of older participants and the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, and whether psycho-affective factors such as sleep, physical activity and self-reflection can mitigate the risks of developing dementia. The perception change of meditation and mindfulness as therapies or activities over the last five years was also explored.

Expert guest speakers David Bartres Faz, Professor of Medical Psychology at the University of Barcelona and Dr James Kirby, Senior Lecturer & Clinical Psychologist at the University of Queensland also joined the meeting.

Project Co-ordinator for the Silver Santé Study, Dr Gael Chételat of INSERM, said:

“The global population is ageing and as we live longer, ensuring good mental, as well as physical health in later years, is becoming ever more important. The two clinical trials conducted by our expert researchers in six European countries have assessed the impact of mental training techniques and lifestyle changes on the mental health and well-being of older adults. The Silver Santé Study is the longest ever study of both meditation and foreign language learning and is the first research to examine the emotional aspects of ageing and mental health.

This public meeting was a unique opportunity for us to share and cascade our findings, methodologies and data thus far to a range of interested audiences across Europe and stimulate discussion in this area.”

To read a full report on the meeting and learn more about the Silver Santé Study visit the project website which is regularly updated with news and updates, focusing particularly on newly published peer-reviewed papers, or subscribe to the Silver Santé newsletter at

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