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Maintaining brain health in later life essential to  reducing the risk of developing dementia

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Maintaining brain health in later life essential to reducing the risk of developing dementia

Silver Santé researchers and students to reveal results of their studies

Join Online Public Meeting Wednesday 16th June 2021 to hear more

Lead Investigator Dr Natalie Marchant of University College London, UK reveals the results of her studies into the impact of making lifestyle changes, such as taking up mindfulness or health self-management courses, on the mental health of older adults who are already experiencing memory problems.

Dr Marchant explains: Effective treatments for the underlying illnesses that cause dementia are currently lacking, making it all the more important to find ways to prevent them. Research shows that approximately one-third of dementia cases worldwide might be attributable to potentially modifiable risk factors.”

The SCD Well study which involved 147 volunteers all with SCD ( subjective cognitive decline) - self-perceived memory problems that cannot be verified by testing, assessed the impact of a short course ofmindfulness or health self-management. The study revealed that small but significant improvements in the participants’ mental health were observed with the effects lasting for at least six months.

Students and postdocs involved in the overall 5 year Silver Santé Study will also join the session to discuss the psycho-affective factors associated with brain health

The online event will be hosted in English and is free to attend. Register here:
For further information about the Silver Santé Study visit the project website at


Media contact:

  1. Request interviews by contacting Amanda Beard at Minerva on +44 (0)1264-326427
  2. Members of the Silver Santé Study research team are available for interview.
    Details of study leads are shown below.

Work Package

Lead partner

Institution & Country



Dr Antoine Lutz

Inserm, France



Dr Julie Gonneaud

Inserm, France



Dr Fabienne Collette

University of Liege, Belgium



Dr Olga Klimecki

University of Geneva, Switzerland


Cognition & Well-being

Dr Natalie Marchant

University College London, UK



Dr Gaël Chételat

Inserm, France


Coordination & Management

Dr Géraldine Poisnel

Inserm, France



Rhonda Smith

Minerva Communications UK Ltd


Clinical Trial

Dr Hélène Esperou

Inserm, France




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