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Apple and Samsung Kiss and Makeup With Chip Deal

Samsung and Apple have been at each other’s throats for years in patent battles and vying for the top place in the smartphone and gadget industry. It might surprise you to learn that there is a common ground coming soon as the two firms have jointly agreed to create chips that they will both use for the future. This is incredible news and certainly puts the legal wranglings at bay for the time being.

While some parts of the businesses are often in turmoil in court with each other, looking forward and working together for a better future, both in terms of profit and less costs for the companies, the new chip relationship will bring both sides together. There has been a multi-billion dollar deal created by the South Korean firm and the Californian one, whereby each manufacturer will use the same chip.

At the moment Foxconn, the Chinese maker, has been building the smartphones for both companies in the same factory so by reducing the transport costs and admitting that one company has its benefits then the joint venture will be a good one. Right now, Samsung is responsible for creating the A6 chip that is found in the new iPad and the iPhone 5. There is already talk of the A7 chip, and being that the A6 is twice as fast as the A5, it should be something fairly incredible.

As smartphones are becoming lighter, faster, larger (weirdly) and better all-round it’s no wonder that the two top smartphone companies are joining forces. However, with Samsung and Google (Android) partnership this could be a stumbling block for Apple as those two companies are even worse for ‘hating’ each other.

With the disputes raging between Samsung and Apple, and Google using Samsung for its Nexus phones – although rumours of a Sony and Motorola Nexus phone have been branded about – there is only so far the relationship will be able to go before Google wades in and causes a stir.

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