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LG Due to Launch 1080p Smartphones in 2013

Samsung and Apple have been dominating the market for some time now but Google wants a slice of the action and has drafted in LG to help them do it. No longer will Google have its Nexus phones made by Samsung, instead the plucky electronics company LG will have that mantle. The new LG Nexus 4, as it’s being dubbed, will run full HD 1080p screens and be a whopping 5" in size. It will have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a stunning 440ppi. This will push the Super AMOLED HD and Retina Display screens from the competitors to the back of the queue, and push Google right at the forefront of smartphone screen technology.

Don’t forget that Samsung and LG have battled in the TV, DVD and electronics industry for many years with LG coming out on top after a shaky start. The firm has its own brand and unique flavour as well as a great design team. A few years ago they brought out very similar gadgets and TVs that looked far too similar to Samsungs but now have enough market share to show everyone what they are really made of, and Google knows this.

Samsung, however, has developed a system whereby it can use LCD and AMOLED screens to get a density up to 440ppi as well. Just as HTC has done with the J Butterfly – should we be wary of yet another court case, though? Apple’s density is 326ppi using its Retina Display but ‘seems’ much higher than that as the images are crystal clear.

However, this begs the question: do we really need 1080p smartphones? Isn’t that what tablets are for or tablet-hybrids like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? It seems we’re going that way, anyway, as Sony are due to bring the Xperia Odin C650X out in January which will be almost frameless and have a 5” 1080p display. As technology is developing and growing, we’re seeing a shift to larger, slimmer, thinner, lighter and faster smartphones that are more like tablets. It’s about time as tablets are becoming slightly slower in relation to the way that smartphone technology is developing, and laptops are light years ahead of both. When will we see a smartphone or tablet that actually replaces a laptop? Possibly never, it seems.

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