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Elected representatives of the 2,000 dairy farmers who supply Müller Milk & Ingredients have welcomed a new strategic partnership with Tesco.

Müller is committed to offering all of its customers a fresh milk and ingredients proposition which meets their requirements whilst maintaining a leading price and contract offering to dairy farmer suppliers. The new agreement deepens a22 year trading relationship which the fresh milk and ingredients business has had with Tesco.

Andrew McInnes, Managing Director of Müller Milk & Ingredients said: “We are very pleased to further extend our long term partnership with Tesco. We aim to be the buyer of choice for dairy farmers and the supplier of choice to customers. We can only achieve this if we work collaboratively to deliver a compelling proposition at every stage in the supply chain.

“Farmers can be assured that we are committed to offering a leading standard milk price and contract proposition as well as supporting our retailer customers who wish to develop farmer supply groups with whom they can build closer relationships. We stand by our record and will continue to look for ways to become more efficient and to add more value to the milk that we buy so that we become less reliant on volatile commodity markets.”

Phil Rowney, Chairman of the Müller Milk Group which represents ex Müller Wiseman farmers said: “A new partnership with Tesco is good news and reflects the desire of our farmers and the business to build a fresh milk and ingredients business in the UK which is fit for the future. We are pleased that Tesco is investing to grow the TSDG and to build even closer working relationships with farmers in Britain.”

David Herdman, Chairman of Müller Direct Milk which represents ex-Dairy Crest farmers said: “The Müller approach is to find supply chain solutions which work for farmers and for retailers. They are focusing on bringing a new approach which adds value and reduces costs in their network and should lead to a more sustainable fresh milk business. This extended partnership with Tesco is a sign of confidence in what Müller seeks to achieve and we welcome this.”


Müller UK & Ireland

Müller UK & Ireland is wholly owned by the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller. It employs around 10,000 people in a business which comprises two distinct business units: Müller Milk & Ingredients and Müller Yogurt & Desserts.

Based in Market Drayton, Müller Yogurt & Desserts is the UK’s leading yogurt manufacturer, responsible for major brands such as Müller Corner, Müllerlight and Müller Rice. It also produces, at production facilities in Minsterley near Shrewsbury, chilled desserts including Cadbury Bubbles of Joy, Pots of Joy, Layers of Joy and Twin-pot products under licence from Mondelez International.

Müller Yogurt & Desserts also supplies the UK private label yogurt market from a state of the art yogurt facility in Telford, Shropshire.

Müller Milk & Ingredients aims to be the biggest and best fresh milk and ingredients business with a network of dairies and depots servicing customers throughout the country, producing skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole, and flavoured milk products for brands such as Black & White, The One, freshnlo and FRijj . It also has the capacity to produce salted, unsalted and lactic butter each year for both the domestic and international markets.

The acquisition of Dairy Crest’s dairy operations in December 2015 marked a milestone in Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller’s global growth strategy and in particular its aspiration to place much more emphasis on end to end supply chain innovation, adding value to the UK dairy category.

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Graeme Jack

Graeme Jack

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