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Oxford University Press launches Oxford Open Energy, the latest in the Oxford Open journal series

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Oxford University Press launches Oxford Open Energy, the latest in the Oxford Open journal series

Oxford University Press (OUP) has today announced the launch of Oxford Open Energy, the fourth title in its flagship Oxford Open journal series.

Oxford Open Energy is a broad-scope journal that welcomes submissions from scholars across the Energy research disciplines, from scientists to policy makers, social scientists to engineers and beyond. The journal will promote a collaborative and inter-disciplinary approach to Energy research, seeing bringing this community together as the best way of addressing the energy challenges that the world is facing. The journal will publish dedicated commentary articles in addition to traditional research articles in order to make sure that all researchers and readers can understand the broader ramifications of the work, whatever their personal area of expertise.

Oxford Open Energy endorses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and welcomes SDG-linked contributions. In particular, the journal is closely aligned to Goal 7, “Affordable and Clean Energy”, but also indirectly to Goals 9, 11, 12 and 13 which have close links to energy and energy research.

Editor-in-Chief, Peter Lund, Professor at Aalto University, said, ‘Oxford Open Energy is an exciting new title in Energy Research. We know that there is a pressing need for progress in areas like clean energy technology, energy systems, and social and political policy around energy and I’m delighted that this journal will bring together research in all of these areas and more to offer collaborative, wide-ranging solutions to the challenges facing us.’

Rhodri Jackson, Publishing Director for Open Access at OUP, said, ‘As the largest university press publisher of open access research, Oxford Open Energy marks another important step on our journey towards a more open research environment. This is a critical research field and I’m hopeful that the journal’s innovative interdisciplinary approach will help to drive real progress.’

Oxford Open Energy is the latest title in the Oxford Open series which launched in May 2020, joining Oxford Open Climate Change, Oxford Open Immunology, and Oxford Open Materials Science. The series offers quality outlets for cutting edge, fully open access research in a wide range of subject areas, supported by the world’s largest university press. Under editorial leadership from across the globe, the series facilitates greater openness in all aspects of research dissemination.

For more information or to submit a paper, please visit the Oxford Open Energy website.

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