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World's biggest children's birthday party marks Plan's 75th anniversary

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World's biggest children's birthday party marks Plan's 75th anniversary

On 20th March Plan is celebrating 75 years of commitment to children with the ‘World’s Biggest Children’s Birthday Party’. You can celebrate with us and ‘attend’ our event. Please join us on Facebook to show your support and see live coverage of our birthday activities across the world. Parties include schoolchildren connecting all over the world and television telethons, cakes weighing 75 pounds, tree planting and a visit from a Prime Minister.

For 75 years we’ve been taking action and standing up for every child’s right to fulfil their potential and our staff and supporters around the world are marking the anniversary with special events for children. Ellen Margrethe Løj, Chair of Plan International, comments, “Plan’s work in over 50 countries is long term with partners at all levels; from children and local communities to national and international decision-makers. This approach is vital if we are to make real progress in ensuring that girls and boys can realise their rights and influence the development of their countries”.

As part of our birthday celebrations, we are also raising awareness of every child’s right to a birthday. Millions of children around the world don’t have a birth certificate. This makes them vulnerable to abuse and denies them access to services such as health and education. Our global Count Every Child campaign launched in 2005 and has so far facilitated registration of more than 40 million people - mostly children - in 32 countries.

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