Sugarwise launches in Europe with the support of MEPs

Press release   •   Jun 28, 2017 03:05 BST

EMBARGOED to 14.45 on Wednesday 28th June. Please respect.

On Wednesday 28th June the launch of the new sugar label Sugarwise in Europe will be announced with the support of MEPs, WHO and EC Representatives.

Sugarwise will be the only mark certifying foods that are low in added sugars – ‘simple’ sugars that are broken down quickly by the body and can wreak havoc on our health. Announcing the launch Luke Fernandes, Sugarwise's Representative to the EU said:

"Today we are excited to announce that, with the support of Alex Mayer MEP we are launching the sugar label across the European Union. Whenever people see the label they will know that the product it appears on is guaranteed to be low in any of the sugars or sweeteners they need to worry about. The label is called Sugarwise.

“Our official pan-European launch has been made possible because of a grant from our first Founding Partner SweetLeaf. 

Today we are here with Nessa Childers MEP to discuss ways we can promote sugar free lifestyles. The Sugarwise label references WHO guidelines that state that no more than 5% of a person’s daily energy intake should come from these harmful free sugars, and representing WHO here today is Leen Meulenbergs.

“Today's launch of this marque at the heart of the EU institutions represents our determination to provide the consumer with informed choice across the entire European continent.”

Alex Mayer, MEP added:

"Sugarwise, is going from strength to strength in their quest to become the “kite mark" for low-sugar food and drinks. Having visited their HQ in Cambridge, now I'm delighted to help launch the sugar label right across Europe. We know that unless we act decisively, the obesity crisis will overwhelm health systems across Europe. The Sugarwise label is a fantastic way for shoppers to make an informed choices about the amount of sugar in food they are buying."

PRESS DAY INFORMATION - Wednesday 28th March - European Parliament


MEPs, EC and WHO representatives meet to support new European sugar label initiative

Sugarwise will be the first tool that offers consumers a means of identifying foods that are low in added sugars, the new sugar label becomes available throughout Europe starting with Belgium and France, empowering the consumer to take control of their added sugar intake for the first time.

14.45 - 15.30: MEP formal announcement of new sugar label

Meet MEPs, representatives from WHO and European Commission. Short statement from Luke Fernandes, of Sugarwise and Alex Mayer, MEP on launch of new European sugar label. Also meet:

WHO: Len Meulenbergs – Representative to the EU of the World Health Organization

EC: Alexandra Nikolakopoulou – Head of Unit E1: Food Information at the European Commission

EPHA: Nikolaï Pushkarev – Policy for Food, Drink and Agriculture at European Public Health Alliance

Address: European Parliament, outside Room ASP 5G 305 at 14.45 [contact for entry to building]

15.30 – 16.30: Meeting on sugar convenes

“The excessive consumption of sugar: a health issue” Nessa Childers MEP

16.30 – 18.00: Interview, photo and filming opportunities


To RSVP and for interviews, filming and photo opportunities please contact Luke Fernandes at Sugarwise: | +44 7951 266 433

Please note that this event comes in advance of the 6th September EU Sugar Summit, organised by Sugarwise, where stakeholders and public health experts will discuss how we can improve the availability, affordability and visibility of lower sugar manufactured food.


One of the most significant breakthroughs in the fight against the effects of added sugars to date, the Sugarwise test enables scientists to differentiate between a product’s total sugar content and added sugar content for the first time. The test was developed by worried mum Rend Platings in collaboration with scientists from the Universities of Cambridge and Caltech.

Rend Platings, Sugarwise Founder, said: “I was shocked to hear my daughter could live a shorter life than me. It’s not that we don’t know about the dangers of sugar, we do; the problem relates to our lack of access to lower sugar choices, especially in manufactured foods. One way to deal with that is to avoid processed foods completely and only eat real food, but that takes the pressure off the industry – we all need to work together – proponents of real food and of better manufactured food, proponents of health. Our approach is to hold the manufactured food and drink industry to account by highlighting healthier lower sugar options through the use of the Sugarwise logo.

I am hoping Sugarwise will become established in the same way other labels have – successfully driving up demand and availability of products in their categories. We would all benefit if the same was the case for low added sugar products.”

Vinicius Ferreira, Sugarwise Chief Scientist said: “An overwhelming majority of Europeans far exceed their added sugar target on a daily basis. Obesity levels are soaring and sugar related illness is rising rapidly. We have developed the Sugarwise test and certification to let people take control. It is about helping people make simple and informed choices. If Sugarwise encourages the food industry to address added sugar content the benefits could be huge.”

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Rend Platings, CEO: +44 7472-086-692 (

Luke Fernandes, Head of Policy & Public Affairs: +44 7951 266 433 (