Detained in Dubai offer help to UAE Embassy regarding the Emirates’ international image problem.

Press Releases   •   Feb 19, 2018 10:01 GMT

On Friday UK based NGO, Detained in Dubai, approached the UAE embassy in London with a written offer to share experience and advice regarding the alarming and seemingly indiscriminate detention of visitors in the Emirates. Detained In Dubai partner David Haigh hand delivered an open letter to the UAE embassy in London’s Belgravia.


Priti Patel, MP responds to requests for support from 21 yr old Asa Hutchinson, trapped in Dubai.

Press Releases   •   Feb 16, 2018 16:03 GMT

Parents of Asa Hutchinson, trapped in Dubai, seek Priti Patel’s support to bring her home following false allegations in the tourist hotspot


Malaysian national Richard Lau finally released following successful campaign

Press Releases   •   Feb 15, 2018 15:04 GMT

Malaysian national Richard Lau released from nearly a year's detention without charge following media campaign and intervention by Malaysian Government


Richard Lau release from 10 months of detention without charge imminent

Press Releases   •   Feb 15, 2018 11:01 GMT

Richard Lau, Malaysian national detained without charge for almost a year is due for imminent release, following intervention from Malaysia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah and NGO Detained in Dubai


Lau hopes for freedom before Chinese New year after 10 months UAE detention, thanks to Malaysian Foreign Minister

Press Releases   •   Feb 13, 2018 10:36 GMT

Malaysian Foreign Minister discusses Richard Lau case; set to visit citizen detained without charge in UAE for 10 months. Renewed hope for his return home in time for Chinese New Year celebrations.


UK lawyers Coyle White Devine chase UAE bank customer for £300,000 over a £3,000 decade old debt.

Blog posts   •   Feb 09, 2018 08:40 GMT

UK law firms like Coyle White Devine being used by UAE banks to chase expat debt victims


UAE legal abuse and wrongful convictions in absentia, Interpol and licensing repercussions amongst financial and legal professionals abroad, and outright business theft. What can be done in response?

Blog posts   •   Feb 07, 2018 11:55 GMT

Legal abuse and wrongful convictions in absentia, Interpol and licensing repercussions amongst financial and legal professionals abroad, and outright business theft. What can be done in response by the victims?


American citizen facing 7 years in Dubai jail for using the word “bitch” on Instagram.

Press Releases   •   Jan 30, 2018 15:45 GMT

Fitness professional Jordan Branford, 44, from Eugene, Oregon in the USA used the word “bitch” on Instagram, and is now facing 7 years in a harsh, notoriously violent desert jail. In the Middle Eastern state of Dubai, “bitch” can be interpreted as an offensive word, even when not directed at a specific person; and in the UAE is subject to criminal sanctions.


UK based NGO Detained in Dubai celebrate 10 years of success

Press Releases   •   Jan 21, 2018 19:44 GMT

Ten years after forming Detained in Dubai to support foreign visitors and residents suffering human and civil rights abuses in the United Arab Emirates, CEO Radha Stirling has emerged as the leading international expert on the UAE legal system, and a successful campaigner for justice in dozens of high profile cases.


Un citoyen français et sa femme racontent le chantage qu'ils ont vécu venant de douaniers des EAU

Press Releases   •   Jan 19, 2018 17:41 GMT

Reda Boulahdid, citoyen français, fait face à de la prison à Ras Al Khaimah à cause de douaniers corrumpus demandant 20% de paiement illégal sur ses importations.

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About Detained In Dubai

Detained in Dubai is a not for profit NGO which specialises in helping people in trouble in the UAE and other unfamiliar legal systems

The leading international experts on Middle Eastern Law. Specialising in, but not limited to Dubai and the UAE.

Detained In Dubai is a Not For Profit NGO that has been helping both ordinary victims of the UAE justice system and high profile cases successfully for over ten years.

We work with lawyers internationally for multi jurisdictional conflicts as well as working with reliable law firms in the UAE who we have grown to trust after years of positive outcomes.

We assist with case strategy, press, negotiating the legal system in the UAE and whatever it takes to achieve a positive outcome for you.

We assist people who are facing sometimes unbelievable situations that they never imagined possible, some with extensive international business and travel experience.

We act as a communications platform for international journalists reporting on foreign news, travel news, business news, higher educations news, and even now arts news, golfing news, racing news, etc.--as the very troubling situation is affecting all sectors with people like you working in and visiting the UAE.

We produce case studies, many which have not yet been reported by the media, because the victims are afraid to speak out.

While based in the London area to avoid the threat of political influence or pressure, we reach out to those affected by injustice in the UAE internationally. Our goal is to facilitate positive change, faster, by communicating the sometimes very disturbing experiences of foreign nationals there.

We are convinced that more international visibility and pressure will lead to faster reform and the UAE can become a mutually and culturally respectful, international meeting point for us all.

We assist with the entire legal process, including negotiations, representation in Court in the UAE and abroad where required (eg. Interpol and Extradition).


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