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Ruter and Telenor are testing new Norwegian technology

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Ruter and Telenor are testing new Norwegian technology

(Fornebu 5. mai 2017) Up until now, beacon technology has mainly been used for traditional marketing purposes. But now, Telenor is partnering up with public transport company Ruter to test how it can be used to communicate with customers in real time, thereby taking the technology one step further.

A number of pilot projects have been carried out by Telenor in order to test communication via beacons – a location-based technology that sends push messages straight to your phone via an app. The app Mitt Telenor (My Telenor) has been used to test the technology with customers in our shops, at Telenor Arena and Ullevaal Stadium – it has also been used as a channel for internal communication. Ruter, the company that runs public transport in the Oslo region, would now like to learn from Telenor’s experience and together they are currently testing how to gather feedback from passengers on the go.

Telenor employees taking the bus and driving to and from work receive questions “triggered” by beacons located at the Lysaker bus stop and at Telenor Fornebu.

Saving resources
Through this collaboration with Ruter, Telenor wishes to learn more about communication with customers in real time. It is also a good opportunity for Telenor employees to voice their opinions about their commute and the available public transport facilities.

“This could potentially replace e-mail surveys and reduce the need to deploy staff to interview passengers about their journey. The latter can be a very challenging method when buses are full – it also requires a lot of resources,” explains market analyst Christine Presterud at Ruter.

She adds that a more efficient method might be for passengers to receive a push message on the bus, with the ability to quickly provide their feedback regarding Ruter’s facilities. This is why they now wish to test this method with the help of Telenor employees.

Potential partnership
“I am very excited that an internally tested project now can be used in a potential partnership between Telenor and Ruter. Being able to give Ruter direct feedback on our commute adds extra value,” says Johannes Bjelland, Senior Data Scientist at Telenor Research. 


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