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Telenor launches 5G network at Fornebu

Press release   •   Sep 17, 2019 08:05 BST

Telenor has opened 5G at it's headquuarters in Fornebu, Norway (Photo: Martin Fjellanger)

(Fornebu, 17 September 2019) Telenor today launches a new 5G pilot at its Fornebu headquarters. With two new base stations positioned on the roof, Telenor will test the mobile technology of the future on its own home ground to ensure its customers best possible experience.

“This is a big day for us all at Telenor. We have already launched a 5G pilot in Kongsberg, and we’re well under way with preparations in Elverum, Trondheim and several other locations. With 5G at Fornebu, our experts will get immediate access to the future’s super network. This will enable them to learn as much as possible about what impact this technology will have on the Norwegian society,” says Petter-Børre Furberg, CEO of Telenor Norway.

Major plans for 5G

The two 5G base stations at Fornebu have been developed to serve two different purposes. One base station is operating on 3.6 GHz and is part of Telenor’s 5G expansion in Norway. The other is part of a wider research project in partnership with the EU called 5G-VINNI, and is operating on 26 GHz.

“Early experimentation with 5G is essential for Norwegian innovation and competitiveness. What makes our 5G pilot at Fornebu particularly interesting is that we are using different telecom manufacturers for different purposes. During the course of the year, Telenor will decide who will supply the equipment for our 5G network roll-out in Norway,” Furberg continues.

Since Telenor launched Scandinavia’s first 5G pilot last autumn, expansion has been rapid. Today, we have one active 5G pilot in Kongsberg, and several others are being planned. Telenor has selected 10 projects in other locations in Norway where 5G will be used to explore new industry opportunities.

This is a big day for us all at Telenor, says CEO of Telenor Norway, Petter-Børre Furberg.

“We have made clear that we have major ambitions for 5G in Norway. We consider it natural to gradually extend our efforts, pursuing a step-by-step approach. On behalf of our mobile customers, we want to be a leader in 5G – and we are now taking another step up to achieve this objective,” says Furberg.

The mobile network of the future is coming home

Since Telenor’s headquarters is based at Fornebu, this is a natural location for us to build (continue developing the) 5G network. Several of Norway’s leading technology firms have their head offices here. With two brand new 5G base stations in place, both Telenor and other companies will have the pleasure of testing the future technology.

“This is great news for all of us working at Fornebu. 5G is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to change our society and provide capacity for new solutions within areas such as IoT. As a technology company and close partner of Telenor, we are naturally enthusiastic about this opportunity,” says Per Hove, CEO of Evry, who also have their head offices at Fornebu.

The municipality of Bærum is home to many of the country’s largest businesses in which technology is a prioritised area of investment. With two 5G base stations in place, the municipality of Bærum is now able to explore the opportunities afforded by 5G.

‘Bærum is a technologically advanced and future-oriented municipality. 5G will provide us with a new toolbox to develop new and exciting solutions. This puts us in the future, and will benefit our residents, businesses and the municipality as such,” says Lisbeth Hammer Krog, Mayor of the municipality.

Scandinavia’s biggest 5G pilot just round the corner

In Elverum, Telenor is currently developing Scandinavia’s largest 5G pilot. In the near future, residents of the town will be able to enjoy the very cutting edge of mobile technology.

“We are working persistently to launch the 5G pilot in Elverum within just a few weeks, looking forward to connect residents to the super network of the future. Pilot customers will soon get to test 5G on their mobiles, broadband and TV packages. This will also be a key learning platform for experimenting with 5G as a replacement for the copper network,” says Furberg.

*The 3.6 GHz base station is fitted with equipment supplied by Ericsson. The 26 GHz base station, part of the 5G-VINNI research partnership, features equipment supplied by Huawei.

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