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Fuck You Goodbye - The Dowling Poole

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Fuck You Goodbye - The Dowling Poole

We know many of you will have already have this song, but never has Fuck You Goodbye felt more appropriate than now.

God knows he's likely not finished trying to fuck us all over just yet, but you have to take your adolescent joy where you can find it.

With a brand new cover, designed by the talented Sarah Baxter, we've made sure that the song is available for FREE on Bandcamp.

There is no need to leave your email address and PLEASE don't pay for it.

It’s for you.

It’s free and we want you to copy it and email it to everyone who might get a giggle out of it.


Willie & Jon

The Dowling Poole

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The Dowling Poole

The Dowling Poole is comprised of Willie Dowling and Jon Poole.
The band was formed in 2014, and have released three albums, Bleak Strategies (2014), One Hyde Park (2016) and See You See Me (2020) to great critical acclaim. In addition they have earned a solid reputation for fantastic live performances.

The band can be reached via