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We Are The Noise - The Dowling Poole

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We Are The Noise - The Dowling Poole

It's Bandcamp Friday, and we'd like to remind you that our new song 'We Are The Noise' is available exclusively on BandCamp and it’s absolutely FREE, no strings attached. Please download, copy and share the song with everyone you know!

'We Are The Noise' was recorded in multiple locations during lockdown and features long-time collaborator and Sugar Plum Fairies/Jackdaw 4/The Dowling Poole band member, Andy Lewis playing bass.

Guest drummer on ‘We Are The Noise’ is the extraordinary Darby Todd, who has played with countless artists including Kee Marcello, Gary Moore and The Darkness - and some of you may remember Darby from his days playing with Willie and Andy in Sugar Plum Fairies.

"'We Are The Noise' is a comment on the hysteria that surrounds and consumes us all via social media, and the seemingly endless sensationalist news", says Willie Dowling.

"The song draws attention to the paradoxical nature of many of us commenting on ‘the noise’ and thereby becoming a part of it. Everybody’s broadcasting but nobody’s listening. And of course to add further irony, this song is making it’s own particular contribution to ‘the noise’. Anyway, it was really great to play with Darby and Andy again after so many years, albeit remotely.”

Expect more new songs from The Dowling Poole soon. We hope to share new music with you over the next few months.


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The Dowling Poole

The Dowling Poole is comprised of Willie Dowling and Jon Poole.
The band was formed in 2014, and have released three albums, Bleak Strategies (2014), One Hyde Park (2016) and See You See Me (2020) to great critical acclaim. In addition they have earned a solid reputation for fantastic live performances.

The band can be reached via