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​Would you care to dance with the band?

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​Would you care to dance with the band?

Greetings to one and all…

We’ve had an idea and wondered if you’d like to join us in a little project we’re planning.

We’d like to release a remixed version of our song ‘Deep Breath’ with accompanying video, and we’d like to ask you to contribute to the video footage.

The themes of the song are very current with the central ideas being about protest, solidarity, a call for better, happier times and the necessity for change.

We’d like you to submit your footage of anything that you think might be suitable to be included in the video. It could be footage of clapping in your area for the NHS for example. Perhaps footage or photos of gatherings, demonstrations or marches that you’ve been on, children singing together, or maybe your recent experiences of the current nightmare. Anything along the lines of those central themes, or your own ideas that those themes may suggest to you personally, that you think would be suitable to be included.

We’d like you to contribute your footage by Wednesday 20th of May, and we will put something together and then release the video and the song for free on the next Bandcamp Day, which is Friday 5th of June.

Clips of up to thirty seconds can be sent direct on email to Anything longer you’d like us to consider is best sent to the same email address, via, which is a free file transfer system for larger files.

Your clips, photo’s, illustrations, animation; all are welcome. High res and 16:9 (horizontal) phone or camera material is best, but all submissions will be considered.

We’d like to make this a real The Dowling Poole ‘community’ effort so please join in if you can.

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The Dowling Poole's third album 'See You See Me' is out now, available to purchase directly from the band, via digital platforms and in record stores.



The Dowling Poole

The Dowling Poole is comprised of Willie Dowling and Jon Poole.
The band was formed in 2014, and have released three albums, Bleak Strategies (2014), One Hyde Park (2016) and See You See Me (2020) to great critical acclaim. In addition they have earned a solid reputation for fantastic live performances.

The band can be reached via