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Bristol Security Centre to Host Cyber Security Series

The Bristol Security Centre is one of eight Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research, set up in collaboration with The Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, EPSRC, and Government Communication Head Quarters, GCHQ. These centres have been introduced to increase the amount of graduates in the field of cyber security, to drive innovation and make the UK one of the most secure places in the world.

Following the launch event for the Security Centre on the 31st of October 2012 the centre will be hosting the first of its quarterly series of evening talks on the topic of cyber security. The first event will be held on the 14th of November at Bristol University. The three presentations are targeted towards staff, students and local industry. The Centre have said that, ‘The aim of these evenings is to reinforce the extensive cyber security community within the local area, to provide a forum for various stakeholders to meet, and to provide exposure to real world issues to the staff and students of the University.’ 

Ian Whiting, CEO of Worcester based cyber security company Titania, will be delivering the first presentation of the evening where he will explore the importance of a multilayered approach to cyber security. The talk will highlight weaknesses in some of the latest generation of network security technology and cover traditional solutions to the problem. Ian has been working with leading global organisations and government agencies to help improve computer security for more than a decade and has been accredited by CESG. A multilayered approach to cyber security is widely recognised within the industry as essential in achieving an effective cyber security strategy.

Mr. Whiting said, ‘In order to combat increasingly sophisticated hacking methods, organisations’ cyber security strategies must be equally intelligent. Cyber security cannot be viewed as a box ticking activity but must be acknowledged as an essential area of business for those operating or storing sensitive information online.’

Ian has delivered several talks over the past few months to help raise awareness of cyber security and promote innovation within the industry.

Ian is joined by Lynton Boardman, Director of Corporate Finance at Burges Salmon who will be delivering a presentation titled ‘Cyber Governance- A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security’ and Ken McCallum, Director of Information Economy at Dept Business Innovation and Skills  (BIS) whose presentation will focus on ‘Partnering to Tackle the Challenges of Cyber Security.’

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At Titania we develop cyber security auditing software. We currently provide our flagship product Nipper Studio to global organisations in 40 countries.Our customer base is made up largely of organisations in the financial, telecommunications, IT security, and government and defence industries. Our programming team have years of experience in the cyber security industry and are committed to continually developing new technology in this field.

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