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The 2010 parliament elections in Sweden could bring an ”outside-ship” for ministers and the present Government of Sweden.

The Work Group AMBU reported the State of Sweden to the EU-commission May 27, 2009 due to e.g. crime against the free mobility and the loyalty liability.


Investigation/review is initiated by the EU-commission, which finally got started due to the Commission itself being reported to the EU-Ombudsman by the Work Group AMBU, which indicates that there is substance to the report. Why has the EU-commission let time pass by, nearly one full year, before seriously reviewing the State of Sweden?

At the time of the report the State of Sweden was holding the Chair, sensitive situation and probably therefore declared “low priority” by the Commission, at least this possibility can not be excluded.

Is the idea that the State of Sweden will be given the opportunity to do “all that is within its power” in order to postpone the case until after the 2010 elections with the assistance of the EU-Commission?


Apparently the facts/evidence possessed by the Work Group can be “very sensitive” and might even be decisive for how the Swedish people is going to vote!


That is if the EU-Commission “gets its butt out of the wagon” and prioritizes the investigation in order to get it ready in good time before the elections.


According to the Work Group AMBU the very strong evidence can only lead to that the EU-Commission will be forced to hand the case over to the EU-Court and Sweden will subsequently be tried/held accountable for crimes against the free mobility and crimes against the loyalty liability.

Swedish journalists and media have been informed about all that has happened and now is taking place via press releases but so far no critical review has started.

Are Swedish journalists loyal to the “power” against the free mobility in the market field of Health and Medical Care inside EU/EES ?

Minister for Health and Social Affairs Göran Hägglund shares the following opinion (during the period Sweden was holding the Chair of the EU) in a Net-paper article at from the market of Health and Medical Care Services;



“DEBATE: Ready for Care Export

2009 October 12, 4:48 PM

We are patching together an agreement which makes it possible to seek medical care within the entire EU. Swedish Health Care will be given a chance to make use of its entire potential and become a great export industry, writes the Ministers Göran Hägglund (KD) and Ewa Björling (M) on Di Debatt.

If we are to liberate the full potential within the Medical Care Sector a wider international cooperation is needed – we need better working trading with Health and Medical Care Services.

In order for more Medical Care Companies to dare take the step and commit to exporting, working markets with stable game rules are needed. The free mobility within EU is an excellent base. A liberalisation of the trade with Health and Medical Care Services has been discussed for quite some time now.”

What credibility does the Minister for Health and Social Affairs Göran Hägglund have in the Swedish Government?

The election 2010 in Sweden is about who will get the responsibility to form the government in Sweden. The struggle might become tough and we have, as a Work Group, no self-interest in the case as such.

The Work Group AMBU’s intension with the report against the State of Sweden is to fend for EU-rights held back from the citizens of Sweden and especially the Care Users!

Free mobility is legislated for the Health and Medical Market within the EU/EES and the Work Group AMBU has evidence showing that the State of Sweden is preventing the free mobility within the Health and Medical Services Market!

The Work Group has given the EU-Commission permission to send all basic data/evidence to the Swedish State and this is being done at the present.

The evidence/truth is that the administrative authority for the Social Insurance, Försäkringskassan, and others involved are not conforming to the EU-Court’s legal usage, which they are obligated to do and thereby are hindering the free mobility in the Health and Medical Market inside the EU/EES! Evidence show that the same thing is happening in the Courts of Sweden!

The evidence show/ the truth is also that Försäkringskassan is going against the 2004 prejudice verdicts of the highest office within Swedish Judiciary; the Swedish National Courts Administration, where the SNCA supports the free mobility in the Health and Medical Services Market founded upon the legal usage of the EU-Court! These prejudice verdicts are contradicted also by lower Courts!

The truth is that the in-house guidance the authority of Försäkringskassan is practicing are their own interpretations which are in conflict with the legal usage of the EU-Court and the 2004 prejudice verdicts of the SNCA!

EU-rights are non existent, based on the evidence, for Health Care Users in Sweden! It is obvious that Sweden is going all out to hinder this free mobility for Swedish Citizens/Health Care Users within the Health and Medical Care Market within the EU/EES!

Sweden as a nation wants to protect the Swedish National Inner market from being exposed to competition from a EU-legislated free Health and Medical Services market within the EU/EES, the evidence are univocally pointing to this!


Illegal acts conducted within the administrative authority Försäkringskassan/Courts and others in the sense that these are hindering/omitting EU-rights for Swedish Health Services Users, these evidences are contained in our report to the EU-Commission and the investigation is therefore opened up.

We are looking forward to sharing the truth with media/journalists inside the EU/EES and the USA that are willing to critically review the power/authorities/courts in Sweden and collect further facts.

Case number of the evidence tender and the report to the EU-Commission can be obtained by request to

Ulf Bittner, one of three in the Work Group AMBU

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About the Work Group AMBU;

The Work Group AMBU which consists of Assar Fager, Bert Magnusson and Ulf Bittner, are operating on this case in order to defend the EU-Right and the free mobility within the Health and Medical Service’s market within the EU/ESS. Since a year back we are “on fire” for this purpose since we already from the start realized that this would be helpful for vulnerable people in need of rehabilitation. We, as individuals in the Work Group, are not of interest, but it is the factual questions that are in the focal point of our interest in order to help vulnerable people get Medical Services according to the EU-Right!

Bert Magnusson is the Chairman of the Nackskadeförbundet (Neck Injury Federation), Assar Fager has been working as a volunteer within the HSO and its Handicap Politics over ten years of time, Ulf Bittner is a former self-employed worker today early retired.Read more

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There is a huge need to monitor the legal security for Medical Services Users from an EU-rights stance. The Rights By-Law, which is in effect since 01 December 2009, and the EU-Court with its adhering EU-Court legal usage (formerly the EF-Court legal usage) concerning Health and Medical Services market is fully in effect in the State of Sweden. We have since a while back discovered that the legal usage is not practiced to the full extent by those under it inside Sweden and our goal is to influence this in order for legal security and democracy to be in full effect in the EU-member-Country of Sweden. We have therefore reported Sweden to the EU-Commission for crimes against, among other things, the free mobility in the Health and Medical Service market. You can read more at