Final Fantasy XIV Guide | Archer's Skill introduction & Gameplay

Blog post   •   Jan 11, 2020 03:03 EST

Final Fantasy XIV Guide | Archer's Skill introduction & Gameplay

Today ffxiv4gil.com has organized archer's skill introduction and gameplay for everyone so that players who are new to the game can better understand Final Fantasy XIV.

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Archer belongs to remote DPS, the positioning is Ranged, and the limited break effect is the group recovery HP. Archer has great mobility because he can move while attacking, and he can move without interrupting his attack skills, as well as having a control ability.

Archer's corresponding higher class is a bard, and the promotion conditions are Archer level 30 and Conjurer level 15 at the same time Satisfy.

Skill characteristics:

Skill characteristics are divided into public CD skills and non-public CD skills. Public CD skills are general skills with public cooling, that is, skills that cannot be used at the same time. Non-public CD skills are different. There is no public cooling time, and they can be used simultaneously with other skills. In addition, the archer's skill cost is TP cost instead of MP. The TP is full at 1000, and a certain amount is restored every certain time in the battle.

Skills I: Heavy Shot:

The main output of attack skills, the effect is direct damage, spell damage is 150. Cooperating with passive skills can increase the critical strike rate of the second skill.

Skill 2: Straight Shot:

Main buff skills plus attack damage skills. The skill damage is 140, and the buff effect is to increase its critical strike rate for 20 seconds.

Skill 3: Ranging Strikes:

Burst with buff skills. A longer CD lasts 180 seconds, and passive skills can reduce it to 120 seconds. The effect is to increase damage by 20% for 20 seconds.

Skill 4: Venomous Bite:

Plus direct injury sustained damage skills, skills directly harm 100, plus additional 8 seconds sustained damage, sustained damage passive skills can be extended to 18 seconds.

Skill 5: Misery's End:

Non-public CD skills, direct damage skills, skill damage is 180, the conditions of using HP targets below 20%.

Skill 6: Shadowbind:

Control the skills and make the target fear for 10 seconds, but the actual effect seems to be to set the target in place, I don't know if the fear is set in place. Any damage will cancel the effect.

Skill 7: Bloodletter:

Non-public CD skills, direct damage skills, skill damage 150, no conditions of use.

Skill 8: Repeling Shot:

Reward skills for completing professional tasks after level 15 occupation. The skill effect is to attack the target while jumping backward.

Skill 9: Quick Nock:

The AOE skill has the effect that all enemies in the front sector are damaged. It must have a target and cannot be used blindly.

Skill 10: Swiftsong:

Swiftsong poetry increases the movement speed of all team members. Only one poetry effect can occur at a time and combat damage will disappear.

Skill 11: Hawk ’s Eye:

BUFF skills, increase 20 hits within a certain time, cool down 90 seconds.

DPS output cycle:

As a DPS Occupation, having the highest DPS is the most important thing, this is beyond doubt.

After reading the introduction of the skills, I believe that some people have probably understood Archer's Occupation and already have their own DPS output cycle. Have a happy game for you!