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Leading NY Small and Medium Business VoIP Equipment Supplier Introduces Discount Telecom Offer for Medical Offices

Bay Shore, NY is now offering discount pricing and technical support on optimized phone systems and VoIP equipment for medical offices. is a provider of business phone system equipment and services covering VoIP phones, VoIP service, hosted PBX service, PBX phone system equipment, telephone system accessories (such as phone headset units and more) and VoIP phone system support. Shop for leading business phones and equipment risk and hassle-free at

In addition to the large number of phone systems required to fully equip a medical facility, there is also the technical side of determining the different phone system requirements of each of these sections of the facility. Expertise is required on the part of the contractor or service provider to properly and completely provide for all the phone system requirements of medical facilities and offices. is equipped and experienced to provide what is needed in terms of the actual phone systems and technical expertise.  With the new offer from, medical offices now have access to optimized solutions which cut costs, remove redundancy, improve efficiency and provide a level of performance that generates significant ROI shortly after implementation.


Medical offices will now be able to save costs, improve their internal and external communications as well as benefit from's vast technical expertise and experience as a leading provider of business VoIP equipment and general telephony services.


" provides medical offices with reliable, powerful and cost-effective phone systems and VoIP equipment that are specifically designed to meet their exact communication requirements," says Yaron Ram, a principal.


To learn more about the special offering for medical offices, including details on availability, pricing, discounts, systems and more, please call support lines on 1-800-390-1200 or send an email to




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