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“Before Mynewsdesk, we were only hitting a narrow target group. But now it's so easy to hit other segments" - Hanne Sørensen @Peugeot

"Mynewsdesk is a tool that's just as important to us as a pencil is for a writer" - Hanne Sørensen, @Peugeot

"To turn coffee machine conversations into actions, Mynewsdesk is donating €50 per employee to the @RedCross"

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Sara Lindström

Sara Lindström

Press contact Global PR Manager +46 76-288 56 15

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Mynewsdesk envisions a world where no story goes untold or unheard. Everyone has a story to tell. And a single story—a press release, news report or blog post— can make all the difference.

Mynewsdesk enables businesses to engage with journalists, influencers, customers and other important stakeholders. The all-in-one PR platform makes it easy to create and distribute stories, monitor what's being said in the industry and the media as well as track and measure results.

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