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Oink Explore 1536, the flagship high-multiplex proteomics platform with NGS readout used in this study

Data publicly released to the global research community from the largest proteomics study on COVID-19 – a collaboration between Massachusetts General Hospital and Olink

Olink is proud and delighted to announce its contribution to one of the largest longitudinal COVID-19 proteomics studies to date, together with the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Working with the outstanding research team from MGH, protein measurements and associated clinical data have been made available via the Olink company website.

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@lassefolkersen Congratulations on this major publication, Olink was proud and delighted to able to contribute to these studies!

Proteogenomic study from SCALLOP consortium published in @NatMetabolism. Examined #cardiovascular proteins in over…

See what Olink is doing in #covid19 research right now! Our infographic shows how Olink has contributed many import…

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