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As world marks World Diabetes Day, global action is needed to ensure people have  access  to high quality tap water

Blog posts • Bluewater • Nov 14, 2018 03:08 EST

Global action is needed to ensure people have both access and confidence in tap water quality. As world marks World Diabetes Day, Bluewater says it is a role of governments everywhere to promote drinking water. Read more

Events • Villeroy & Boch • Feb 14, 2018 09:54 EST

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Time: Dec 12 - Dec 13
Location: Dallas


Images • Norwegian • Oct 30, 2018 22:02 EDT

Norwegian Read more

Volvo Ocean Race finds microplastics everywhere,  in every ocean

Videos • Bluewater • Nov 05, 2018 02:12 EST

Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Programme Leader Anne-Cecile Turner tells Bluewater that scientific data amassed during the Race found plastic everywhere. Mrs. Turner praised Bluewater for its efforts to develop solutions to halt the use of single-use plastic bottles through onsite Bluewater hyd... Read more

Length 2:06
Waterwise, healthy and safe

Documents • Bluewater • Sep 06, 2018 11:13 EDT

Bluewater explores the solutions available for consumers and commercial enterprises alike to purify tap drinking water water to protect health and wellbeing. Boiling water has been used for thousands of years to kill bacteria, but it won't remove contaminants like toxic metals, pharmaceutical re... Read more