Interactive magazine became the ticket for a football match

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Interactive magazine became the ticket for a football match

Match.....? Not only on television or the Internet. Now you can watch sport events live in the ... newspaper. Worldwide revolution on the market was made by "Tylko Piłka" weekly football magazine, which moved all the fans into another dimension - on September 4th, readers could watch live football match using smartphones or tablets using Xstream technology and ARFixer.

Research shows that the U.S. consumers are increasingly using the services of video on the web. According to a recent report, the Knowledge Networks, more and more people use the content streamed and displayed on the computer, smartphone, iPod or Tablets. In the age group 13 - 54 years the popularity of this solution increased by one third within a year - from 26% in 2010 to 35% in 2011!

To keep up with the global trend, the publisher of the weekly "Tylko Piłka" decided to go out to meet fan requirements and give them the opportunity to watch games on mobile devices. Starting on July 26th virtual materials .were published on weekly basis  - abbreviations of the matches, best goals, interviews, access to which was provided by ARFixer technology (known as a Augmented Reality), played by the free application on smatphones and Tablets. However, on 4th of September publisher's weekly magazine stepped up the game. Thanks to cooperation with European leader Xstream, which provides the technology (over-the-top) for managing distribution of audio / video online for a variety of media, the weekly "Tylko piłka" became the ticket for a football match.

Our magazine has become the admission ticket to the live game broadcast of the Brazilian league - Santos FC - Botafogo Rio de Janeiro, unavailable in other media. This advanced and innovative worldclass project is a response to the needs of fans who not only can watch live sports events, but after the event replays, best goals and actions, and also will be able to buy a football shirts - says Stanislaw Wedler, CEO of  Tylko Piłka Ltd.

We are proud of the fact that once again, next to sports clubs as FC Copenhagen and Malmo FF, we were able to rapidly deploy our solutions (MediaMaker) and allow live streaming, this time in Poland for mobile carriers. Tylko Piłka is in our  4-th client in Poland - adds Jakub Polkowski, Country Director Xstream Poland.

Thanks to ARFixer impossible became possible - implementing our technology in press releases, we managed to find a compromise between the needs of content expansion to readers in the form of attractive multimedia material and at the same time. We opposed the trend decline in sales of the printed press, which we treated as a paid ticket to the content, Ziemowit Grygierczyk, CEO ARFixer Ltd.

Thanks to advanced technologies of game transmission using ARFixer and Xstream for smartphones and tablets a revolution among media of press, publishing houses and advertising took place. Thanks to ARFixer technology readers of newspapers, books and the recipient of leaflets, posters - through the use of a mobile phone or tablet - has access to "fixed" information. User has access to content across all forms of media: audio, video and web all in one place - for example from a newspaper, he just bought.

Thanks to the technology, which Xstream offers - customers can enjoy unlimited access to audio-video content and aren’t dependent on the carrier, which may see the content of audio / video (PC, Smartphone, smartTV, tablet, game console, STB, etc.) The author's online video platform MediaMaker created by Xstream and a wide portfolio of satisfied customers (including the Norwegian telecom giant - Telenor, Nordic publishers as Ekstra Bladet, Aftenposten, banking in the Nordic countries: Nordea, numerous television stations, or the Danish transport company - Maersk) web portals users of listed companies can be confident that the quality of the material viewed on smatphones, modify tablets, or other media will be top quality and it is not likely to be disturbed. Importantly, the Xstream technology is chosen by the media (television stations, publishers of newspapers, portals, cable networks), mainly due to "multiplatform approach", intuitive content video management interface, platform stability and scalability. It is designed for all those interested in the rapid and unlimited streaming to any carrier.

One thing is certain: the match broadcast in real time, initiated by the weekly magazine "Tylko Piłka" opened the new chapter, and no doubt soon we will witness the expansion of augmented reality and live streaming-in to various media that we use in everyday life. Perhaps soon you will meet them in supermarkets, petrol stations or in public transport.

Tylko Piłka Ltd. - publisher of the National Football Weekly "Tylko Piłka", the most innovative and dynamic weekly football magazine on the Polish market. After rebranding made in July 2011, "Tylko Piłka" printed in 50 thousand copies is the most comprehensive in content (68 pages of journalism and technological information also edited in ARFixer) weekly football magazine in the country.

Xstream - a European leader of OTT (over-the-top) solutions, which provides, in addition to the CDN services, author MediaMaker platform, which is responsible for managing the distribution of audio / video content online in any media connected to the Internet (computers , smartphones, tablet PCs, smart TVs, game consoles, set-top-Boxes, etc.).. Xstream Ltd. since 1999, provides services, among others: VOD or live streaming of its customers including industries: telecommunications (Telenor), cable networks (Canal Digital), publishing (Ekstra Bladet, Aftenposten, Berlingske Media, Politiken, etc..), TV (,, SBS /  also  Maersk Group, Nordea, Tivoli, etc..,,). Xstream daughter company A / S, based in Warsaw will allow domestic firms to benefit from the experience and advanced technologies of Xstream.

ARFixer Ltd.-  creator and sole owner of the innovative technology of publishing and editing with the extensive use of paper with the so-called argument reality solutions. Without QR codes. ARFixer application is currently the most technically advanced method of combining print and digital content, giving great opportunities not only for publishers (newspapers, books, audio, video), but also for manufacturers of packaging and the entire advertising industry.

Media Production Ltd. -  entity responsible for producing and distributing a television signal Sportklub Poland, belonging to the IKO TV media group operating in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (min: Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic). In Poland, channel Sportklub operates  since July 2006 and now reaches up to 4 million viewers via "N" platform, Cyfra +, and the majority of cable operators.

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Xstream offer complete broadcast solutions for the dissemination of sound and moving images via the Internet, mobile and TV platforms.

Since 1999, Xstream has developed and provided communication solutions based on streaming technology. We serve content providers as well as web publishers enabling them to communicate with their audience in moving images - streaming media.

Our main focus is further development of our media assets management system MediaMaker. Used by many large corporations and major media companies in Scandinavia, MediaMaker has become the market leading media assets management system in the region.

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Brynhild R. Vinskei

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