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Baked to shine

Press Release   •   Sep 24, 2010 11:00 GMT

If it’s shiny and golden, then it’s bound to be delicious. Arla Foods Ingredients has developed an innovative egg-free glaze to give bakery products that winning appeal

Looks may not be everything, but they can make all the difference when bakery products are lined up side by side on a supermarket shelf. Arla Foods Ingredients’ new egg-free bakery glaze is designed to capture consumer attention.
Called MULTILAC® BK-1111, the patent-pending solution is a cheaper, high-quality alternative to liquid pasteurised egg and easier to handle. All you have to do is mix the instantly soluble powder with water, and the glaze is ready to use.
Safe processing
Another important gain is the reduced risk of microbiological contamination during processing. While a tank of liquid egg wash provides all the right conditions for bacterial growth, the egg-free glaze stays in top condition throughout the day’s baking.
Once baked, bread, croissants, pastry and biscuits have an appetising golden colour and shine. Trials in Arla Foods Ingredients’ application centre show the egg-free glaze can even give a higher, longer-lasting shine than traditional egg wash. The adhesive effect also holds toppings such as sesame and poppy seeds in place.
New technology
“The glaze is based on innovative technology that we have developed in-house,” says Søren Rothbøl Nørgaard, head of the bakery application centre. “Although we have sold similar egg-free solutions for specific bakery products, this is the first all-round solution in our range – and it gives a better result.”
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