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Drink to good health

Press Release   •   Oct 18, 2010 10:00 GMT

Catch up with the latest “Drinkable nutrition” at Health Ingredients Europe 2010

Arla Foods Ingredients will be offering a glass of tailored nourishment to visitors at Health Ingredients Europe in Madrid, Spain on 16-18 November.
On the theme of  “Drinkable nutrition”, the company will demonstrate a series of beverage concepts that target dietary needs within sports nutrition, functional foods and clinical nutrition.
For sports enthusiasts, the newest opportunity is LACPRODAN® DI-9224, a whey protein isolate that enables beverage production with a very high protein concentration of up to 10%. LACPRODAN® DI-9224 has a neutral flavour without astringency and should be used in sterile filtrated beverages at neutral pH.
A beverage for the functional foods sector will showcase LACPRODAN® PL-20, unique for its high content of bioactive phospholipids, such as phosphatidylserine and sphingolipids. Clinical studies have documented the ability of phosphatidylserine to improve memory and reduce stress.
Clinical nutrition gains a whey-based alternative to conventional casein-based beverages. Compared to other protein sources, whey provides the greatest biological value and highest level of branched chain amino acids, which contribute to protein synthesis.
Meet our experts at stand R26.
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