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Excellently eggless

Press Release   •   Jan 07, 2010 09:55 GMT

Speed up sponge cake development in our bakery lab and swap egg for a natural profit-booster at no cost to quality.

Imagine making an appealing, fresh-tasting sponge cake entirely without egg. Arla Foods Ingredients has both the milk-based functional solutions to make it happen and a pilot-scale high-speed mixer to run realistic application trials – giving rapid access to up to 30% savings on liquid egg costs.

Flexible all or some replacement
This technology gives bakers ultimate egg replacement flexibility. Whether they wish to replace all the egg in sponge cake recipes or just a part of it, the result will be a cake of matching quality.
“Our experience is that most of our customers choose a 50% egg replacement solution as they wish to keep egg on the ingredient declaration,” says Kim Jensen, bakery technical manager. “Complete replacement is more relevant for consumers who do not eat egg or for customers who want to exploit all the advantages of having no eggs in their cake products.”

Fast development, less waste

The functional egg-replacement solutions are part of the well-known NUTRILAC® range. The high-speed mixer is a new investment that supplements the bakery development lab’s pilot-scale tunnel oven. All parameters are computer controlled for precise simulation of the continuous processes applied within individual bakeries.
 “Using our pilot-scale equipment, product development can happen faster and with less waste. We can run up to ten tests a day but, generally, just four to six tests are necessary to determine the optimum solution,” Kim Jensen explains.

Proven to work
Arla Foods Ingredients is in the process of documenting the potential of its egg-replacement solution to improve the fresh-keeping quality of the final cake product. Other key benefits are already proven: major cost savings, ease of use and an 18-month shelf life – not to mention the natural, clean-label image that comes with all Arla Foods Ingredients solutions.

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