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Latest issue of our Newsletter Talking Point

Press Release   •   Apr 02, 2009 14:08 GMT

Closer to Nature: A Natural Evolution.

Our pioneering journey on the milk-based ingredient market has brought us a long way since the days when whey was merely seen as a by-product of cheese production. Today whey is uni-versally recognised as a high-value source of nutritional and functional proteins. For us at Arla Foods Ingredients, the name of our new strategy – Closer to Nature: Natural Evolution – could hardly be more fitting.
The strategy emphasises our commitment to continuing the journey towards more innovative solutions that draw on nature’s most complete source of goodness. But in-house R&D is not the only necessity for successful innovation. Cooperation is also indispensable. In this issue of Talk-ing Point, we showcase two recent customer projects that illustrate the point – the three-way cooperation behind the launch of a new premium infant formula in China, and the collaborative development of a nutritious protein bar for teenagers in Brazil. In both cases, the final product is
the result of combined expertise.

As consumer interest in healthier, more natural foods continues to grow, so, too, does the need for research into milk’s nutritional properties. Our cooperation with Aarhus University in Den-mark and other research institutions is our direct ticket to the latest findings. We use these frontline opportunities to develop the next generation of milk-based ingredients. That’s Natural Evolution at work.

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