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More milk goodness at less cost

Press Release   •   Oct 18, 2010 10:00 GMT

MULTILAC® BE-0711 makes a world of difference to fresh-tasting milk drinks

Low-income consumers in Africa and Latin America are today benefiting from the goodness of milk in a format that it is both affordable and enjoyable – thanks to one of the latest innovations from the Arla Foods Ingredients dairy application lab.
MULTILAC® BE-0711 is a high-performing alternative to milk powder in those parts of the world where milk is both scarce and expensive. Compared to skimmed or whole milk powder, it represents a cost saving of up to 30%.
As delicious as real milk
The quality is amazing.  Easily mixed with water and fat, MULTILAC® BE-0711 becomes a delicious recombined milk drink with a fresh, creamy taste and mouthfeel.
The combination of natural milk proteins and stabilising ingredients ensures excellent stability during UHT treatment and shelf life. 
“UHT milk typically has a cooked flavour. With our new milk base, drinks have a really fresh taste and smooth mouthfeel that is hard to tell apart from real milk. It is also easy to turn into flavoured milk,” says Jesper Høstrup, technical sales manager.
No whey drawbacks
Until now, manufacturers of low-cost milk drinks have typically relied on whey powder as a substitute for milk powder. But issues with poor taste, instability and protein precipitation during processing limit the amount of whey that can be added.
MULTILAC® BE-0711 provides the cost benefits of whey without the drawbacks.
“This is the best alternative to milk – and makes important dairy-based nutrition available to more consumers,”  Høstrup states.
New vitamin-enriched category
Arla Foods Ingredients developed MULTILAC® BE-0711 in response to customer requests in Africa and Latin America.
In addition to providing a solution for consumers in Africa, the milk base is behind a new category of vitamin-enriched drinks launched in Latin America, where they are marketed as a healthier alternative to standard milk. Another success for the Twintell® Application Programme.

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