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Ion Channel Modulation Symposium in Cambridge. You are invited!

News   •   Feb 09, 2016 11:27 GMT

Ion channels play an important role in the physiology and pathogenesis of many diseases and as such are important targets for therapeutic intervention. There are many successful drugs targeting ion channels on the market but few of these were products of rational design. However, advances in target validation, high-throughput electrophysiology, 3-dimensional structure analysis, the development of antibodies that modulate ion channels and the ability to move such large molecules across the blood brain barrier has made this important target class increasingly tractable.

The objective of Sophion’s Ion Channel Modulation Symposium is to provide a valuable platform to bring together international leading researchers from academia as well as scientists from the pharmaceutical industry in order to promote and stimulate discussion, develop collaborations, and to share their latest advances and discuss current, cutting edge research focused on the modulation of this important class of receptors as therapeutic targets. Invited speakers will address four main research areas: ion channels in pain, ion channels and cancer, the cardiac safety of ion channel modulating compounds and advances in stem cells as tools for ion channel research. The meeting aims to cover a broad range of ion channels, from voltage gated to ligand gated channels and to present issues that are important in the modulation of these targets for drug discovery purposes and to look at new technologies and approaches to this research.

The symposium will be structured around two days of presentations provided by international leaders in the ion channel field. In addition there will be a poster session, a trade exhibition and opportunities for informal networking during the day and also at a drinks reception and dinner during the evening of the 16th June.

We hope that you will join us in the beautiful environment of Clare College, Cambridge for this exciting and informative event.

Read more about the event here or contact us by email

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