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BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen: Match Schedule Day 2

News   •   Nov 03, 2018 08:40 UTC

Home crowd favourites Astralis had a mixed opening day.

After an intense Friday Night with loads of intense games, upsets and drama, everything is possible when day 2 of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen open with 3 massive match-ups.

Out of the 6 teams playing, the two top teams will go straight to the Grand Final. The leaderboard after day one leaves the group completely open and at least 5 of 6 teams still have a real chance to go all the way. 

Both NaVi and Astralis are 1-1 and the the two teams topping the world ranks are under pressure when they collide in the very first game on Saturday. 

To the surprise of many, Cloud9 is still in the running. Due to medical issues, they have been forced to play without their normal In-Game Leader Maikil "Golden" Selim who was replaced by the coach Soham "valens" Chowdhury. Still, the underdogs showed an impressive performance and they too are 1-1 after day one. Their opponents from FaZe Clan managed one win and a draw and are presently heading the group with 4 points.

For MIBR round 3 is do or die. The Brazilians are 0-2 and desparately need a win against NiP, who are 1-1 due to their upset against Astralis.

One thing is certain: Royal Arena will be completely packed and the audience can expect nothing but drama from the very first gunround.

Saturday, November 3

Round 3 - 14:00  

Natus Vincere vs. Astralis

Cloud9 vs. FaZe

NiP vs. MIBR 

Round 4 - 15:20 

FaZe vs. Astralis

Cloud9 vs. NiP

Natus Vincere vs. MIBR

Round 5 - 16:40 

Cloud9 vs. Astralis

Natus Vincere vs. NiP

FaZe vs. MIBR

18:00 - BLAST Pro Stand-off 

19:00 - Grand final | BO3