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BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles : Front Row shots - for free editorial use (updated 6:30PM PST)

News   •   Jul 13, 2019 17:34 UTC

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles : Front Row is well underway!

LAST Pro Series Los Angeles : Front Row is well underway.

The festival like set-up gives fans a unique possibility to get closer than ever to the players, the production, the tournament engine room and the game!

Throughout the tournament, this article will be uploaded with pictures and impressions from the first ever BLAST Pro Series Front Row experience!

All pictures are available in HD for free, non-commercial, editorial use. Fill media library HERE

Saturday - Day 1

FaZe still in it after 4 rounds.

Quiet please... 10 fans at a time got the chance to see the engine room of a major tournament. More than 40 tours were given on day 1!

Captain Marvel doing Captain Marvel things!

MIBR enjoying life.

Cloud9 brought the cavalry for the fans.

As always, the MIBR family shows up in force.

Sjokz owns the show - as always.

Comfy and a bit grumpy, are we Chad? :)

It took a bit, but Renegades made it to the score board in round 4 - and can still make it!

Social Media is Rick rolling twitter.

No pointing fingers, but these guys are fighting their butts off!

K-Swiss and MIBR launcing their new all black sneaks today at BLAST in Los Angeles!

Next level fan gear!

Liquid's enjoying the home crowd!

Great crowd supporting their teams to the fullest!

MIBR took the first scalp,

Selfie time much, Frankie? :)

World's best team on home turf!

MIBR fans everywhere!

Intense game faces....


How YOU doin'?

Friday - Media Day 

Team briefing. At all BLAST events, teams gather for a briefing followed by a talk on format, venue, development of the tournament and future plans.

Director of Product and Experience, Nicolas Estrup, discusses the plans for the future format with the teams. 

And off to photo sessions and media production.. MIBR with a small surprise in the line-up this weekend.

Frankie Ward doing Frankie Ward stuff in the Media Room :)

.... when you find out BLAST is going down this weekend!

... and you're in it!

The stage and venue looks different than anything you've ever seen before... 

One of the intimate studio settings where the crowd can watch players, streamers and talent in interview sessions.

Making sure the outside festival space is fully energized.

Teams arriving and setting up.

Team and sponsor activation of all kinds being set up.

Players making sure all is ready for game day.

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