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Meet the world class Counter-Strike teams coming to BLAST Pro Series Miami and São Paulo

News   •   Mar 06, 2019 15:20 UTC

Six of the world's greatest Counter-Strike teams are coming to Miami to be part of the most exciting tournament format in esports.

BLAST Pro Series in São Paulo on March 22-23 and BLAST Pro Series Miami on April 12-13 will have six teams respectively, competing for the lion share of 250,000 dollars.

All the teams are confirmed for attendance and in case you're not sure exactly what you're getting into, we've compiled an easily digestable summary of all the world class teams here.

BLAST Pro Series Miami in Watsco Center is roughly one month away and all six of the world class Counter-Strike teams have been confirmed for the event.

All the teams are in the top 10 of best Counter-Strike teams in the world and are all heavy contenders for the title. Guests are guaranteed an exciting tournament and in case you’re not completely sure who all the great teams are, here is a short summary of the powerhouse organisations you’ll see battle it out on the iconic stage.

Team Liquid

Attends: São Paulo and Miami

Team Country: United States

With no less than 14 different teams in just about every esport there is, Team Liquid is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. But their pride and joy is their Counter-Strike team, currently ranked as the second best team in the world. Team Liquid were the runner-ups in most of the grand tournaments in 2018 and are consistently eliminating the world’s best teams. Their name might be Liquid, but make no mistake – they’re rock solid.


Attends: Miami

Team Country: United States

Cloud9 is one of the biggest esports organizations in the world. The formerly All-American team had an amazing start to 2018 winning the ELEAGUE Boston Major. This was the first time a North American team won the prestigious Major. The great result in Boston was followed by some poor results which has resulted in a rebuilding phase that is still ongoing. The addition of European players like kioShiMa seemed to bring a fresh breath of air to the team. After acquiring their former In-Game Leader Golden, Cloud9 intends to bring glory back to the legendary name.


Attends: São Paulo and Miami

Team Country: Denmark

One of the most consistent teams in the world, the Danish squad has had a fantastic 2018 and an equally great 2019 winning the most recent Major in Katowice. The Danes are on a relentless run and the ultimate team to beat in Miami. Astralis has a very theoretic approach, analyzing and optimizing everything in- and outside the game. The team was founded in January 2016 as the first professional Counter-Strike organisation co-owned by the players.


Attends: São Paulo and Miami

Team Country: Brazil

MIBR is a legendary name in Counter-Strike history, revived by the management behind Immortals. The core lineup of fer, coldzera and FalleN won the first BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen with fer who, together with felps, found their way back to the team. MIBR has experimented with different international rosters but ultimately ended up with an all-Brazilian squad again. They now seek to reignite the dominance they showed in 2016 and 2017 where they won the majority of tournaments


Attends: Miami

Team Country: Ukraine

Natus Vincere, or just NAVI, was founded over 8 years ago by the merging of two rosters and since then the team has become a household name in Counter-Strike. Still housing two of the original founding players in Edward and Zeus and the best player in the world s1mple, the team has a rich history and an overflowing trophy cabinet, living up to the Latin translation of the team’s name – “born to win”.

FaZe Clan

Attends: São Paulo and Miami

Team Country: European

The original CS:GO super team, FaZe Clan. A team consisting of five players from five different countries, who also happen to be among the very best players in the world, FaZe Clan is a true contender for the #1 spot in the world. FaZe has had its ups and downs but their explosive and dynamic style still manages to catch even some of the best teams off guard. Achievements include undefeated runs in multiple premier tournaments, and there is no denying that FaZe is always one of the top favorites to win at a BLAST Pro Series tournament.


Attends: São Paulo

Team Country: Finland

The Finnish esports organisation has impressed people across the globe after their heroic run in the 2019 Katowice Major. On the brink of elimination in the group stage to making a reverse sweep and qualifying for the play-offs. From here on out ENCE went on to eliminate the likes of Team Liquid and NAVI, making it all the way to the grand finale of the Major. They are bound to stir things up in BLAST Pro Series when they make their BLAST debut in São Paulo.

All that, and more, at BLAST Pro Series Miami

Aside from watching these amazing teams go head-to-head for a prizepool of 250,000 dollars, BLAST delivers quality entertainment, a spectacular stage show and wholesome feeling of being part of something bigger. 

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