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​New stage as BLAST Pro Series Istanbul goes global!

Press Release   •   Sep 14, 2018 07:22 GMT

New Stage in two tiers

BLAST Pro Series goes global as broad cast deals pile up:

20+ languages on live stream

100+ countries on Flow TV in 200+ million households

Cinemas showing the tournament live across Europe

The world will be watching as BLAST Pro Series Istanbul is set to break new records. Even the stage will set new standards.

The World is Watching

The world will be watching when BLAST Pro Series kicks off in Istanbul on 28th and 29th September. On top of the main stream in English, the biggest esports tournament ever held in Turkey will be broadcast online in at least 20 different languages and distributed live on TV in at least 100 different territories and countries.

During the world premiere in Copenhagen in November 2017, the tournament broke several viewership records on national flow TV and millions watched online and on flow TV around the globe.

For BLAST Pro Series Istanbul, new broadcast deals are entered daily and the list of countries with own language broadcast include the likes of US, UK, Russia, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, all of the Nordics and a number of Asian countries including China.

On live TV it is expected that viewers in more than 200 households in over 100 countries and territories will be able to watch BLAST Pro Series live from Istanbul, and the tournament has been purchased as cinematic live events in a range of movie theatres across Europe.

New show elements - World Class Counter-Strike

Over the past 6 months, the organization behind BLAST Pro Series has refined and reshaped the broadcast- and live experience and the Istanbul crowd can expect to see a range of new, exciting show elements in the arena show.

The iconic A-shaped stage with 6 teams playing simultaneously and the massive digital screen set-up are still vital parts of the show, but the audience can expect several upgrades to the show - including a new, 4 meters high version of the stage with the 6 teams playing simultaneously on two levels.

The teams will include world’s number 1 Astralis, who just this week were crowned as “Esports Team of the Year” across all esport genres, swedish legends from NiP, Major winners Cloud9, local heroes Space Soldiers, the Polish giants and Brazilian superstars MIBR.

BLAST Pro Series Istanbul
28th - 29th September
Ülker Sports Arena 29th September