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Lideco deploys modern integration solution to consolidate information data flow

Blog post   •   Feb 07, 2019 08:10 UTC

Using Blue Integrator and an application developed in-house, Lideco now has an integration solution which effectively pools information from a number of sources.

Lideco is a market-leading Swedish company that manufactures and sells tool components and punching machine tools for the sheet metal work industry. Lideco’s customers, in addition to always looking for ways to streamline their own operations, expect a very high-level of availability and delivery reliability. Using Blue Integrator and an application developed in-house, Lideco now has an integration solution which effectively pools information from a number of sources.

In order to streamline its own work and provide customers with an even better service, Lideco has, in close collaboration with Connect Companies, developed a solution that enables the company to make full use of a consolidated flow of information. Lideco integrated its various IT systems some time ago, and the flow of information between, for example, its online store and ERP system is controlled automatically.

Key information cannot be lost in ancillary systems
Lideco’s operation had previously encountered duplication of work, with the same data being recorded in both the e-commerce solution and the ERP system. The fact that the company manufactures its own products and sells other companies’ goods also adds to the complexity of the situation and demands streamlined processes.

“Our previous solution was, quite simply, outdated and didn’t support the direct links and efficiencies that we wanted to achieve. Instead of working in an environment where the various systems store key information which needs to be used in a number of locations, we now have, with Connect Companies’ help, a modern integration solution, which links data within the various subsystems. Connect Companies’ experience of e-commerce solutions has been an important component in this work,” says Peter Nilsson, CEO of Lideco.

Rapid company-wide improvement
There have been clear benefits to Lideco. There has been a significant reduction, or complete elimination, of manual elements and the risk of duplicate data entry, as well as a marked improvement in item data and descriptive texts. The effect can already be measured, with an increase in the number of orders placed through the online store of approximately 20 per cent. Another noticeable effect is that key information is now accessible earlier in the various processes.

“This venture is wholly in line with our business philosophy, which focuses on guaranteeing our customers the right product, at the right price, at the right time. It also takes us closer to our objective of offering the best possible work environment and minimising our environmental impact. By taking full advantage of the information available in our various systems, this becomes a sustainable solution on a number of fronts. A project like this also creates interest, both internally and externally. It has also contributed to the rapid results we’ve seen,” concludes Peter Nilsson.

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