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Historic launch from BODUM: Updated version of 1956 MOCCA

Press Release   •   Apr 16, 2018 00:07 -12

BODUM is relaunching the historic MOCCA from 1956.

Times may change, but good ideas never die if they are fundamentally sound. And right now, when siphon coffee makers are at the forefront of the latest innovation in the coffee market,cIt was one of BODUM's first products - created by founder Peter Bodum in 1956. The patented filter has not changed. And the beautiful sculptural shape is strikingly close to the original. But in the new version, the materials have of course been updated to suit today's requirements for stability and utility. MOCCA will be introduced around Christmastime this year. Just before we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2019. Still with coffee at the heart of everything we do.

MOCCA in cork and borosilicate glass

Sustainable cork is becoming increasingly a kind of signature for BODUM. We use it for many of our products, and on MOCCA as the beautiful grip on the pot. Cork is one of the most sustainable materials available and the borosilicate glass from which both the pot and the flask are made can withstand very high temperatures and will not become cloudy and scratched over time. It upholds the BODUM principle: Make taste. Not waste. No paper filters or capsules. Nothing superfluous.

The new kind of siphon

BODUM has always had siphon coffee makers in its product range. But within the last couple of years, the interest in “Slow Coffee Brewers” has really made an impact. If we are to invest in things, they now have to be more than just functional. We want to enjoy, have experiences, reject the nondescript and indulge in the sensual - even a cup of coffee is not something we just take for granted. It must tell its own tale.

And MOCCA has that. The brewing method alone almost resembles an open natural science experiment. And at the same time, it brews coffee, which, when black, aromatic and steamy hot there is no better!

Coffee for geeks

The time is gone when you just popped to the shop and bought a pound of coffee. For geeks, it is about the whole beans being of a certain quality, whether the roasting is dark or light, and date-stamped so they are as fresh as possible. Beans must be ground just prior to brewing the coffee. The water must be freshly drawn and boiled and the temperature should be 92 - 96 degrees before being poured over the beans. The coffee must brew for four minutes. Regardless of whether it is being made in a French press, pour over or in a siphon coffee brewer. Did you know that coffee has over 1200 different flavours, whereas wine has just 150? Coffee geeks know that.

A good cup of coffee has been the very soul and fabric of everything BODUM has done since its inception. 

It is a story that goes back to 1944, when Britta and Peter Bodum founded the company in Copenhagen.
The brand really made it big with the Chambord French press.
Today you may find it both at the Museum of Modern Art and in innumerable homes all over the world.
Actually in 55 different countries.
Bodum is still family owned, with Jørgen Bodum at the helm.
Good coffee beans, a glass beaker, a steel filter, and freshly boiled water are all that is needed to brew the world’s best cup of coffee.
It has always been, and will always be this way.
Traditional paper filters also have the drawback of absorbing aroma and oils from the coffee.
Using the steel filter, all the fine flavours are preserved.
No poorly degradable aluminium capsules or lead.
No superfluous paper filters.
In the early years of BODUM, Peter Bodum imported glassware to Denmark, and it was through this that he first encountered the vacuum coffee maker.
He got so excited about the taste of the coffee brewed by the machine that he decided to improve upon the design and create a product with an affordable price for everyone.
Thus, the foundation was laid for the success of BODUM.
In the early 1950s MOCCA was put on the market—the first BODUM vacuum coffee machine.