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Charlotte Bonnier Has Died

News   •   May 05, 2016 21:39 GMT

Sisters Jeanette and Charlotte Bonnier (photo Roger Vikström/TT Bild)

Charlotte Bonnier died yesterday, Wednesday, at the age of 83.

With her straightforwardness, personal charm and brilliance, Lotta hit home everywhere, in Dalsland where she long had lived, as well as in Stockholm or New York. She created exciting, fun and beautiful environments that were a great pleasure to be a part of.

Lotta was her father's, Albert Bonnier Jr.'s, daughter. Nothing could stop her, she had an unyielding belief in and enthusiasm for everything she undertook, not least for our family. She had a marked feeling for the family and was a true keeper of traditions for us. I dare say that we would not have been the same family without Lotta, so ultimately, she has also been important for the companies we own.

Finally Lotta was also her sister's sister. With Lotta and Jeanette leaving us in such short succession, they oviously have left a big void. But Lotta and Jeanette leave us with a wealth of powerful and joyful memories, the kind that only truly great personalities leave behind.

Carl-Johan Bonnier

Chairman of the Board, Bonnier AB