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Bonnier Consolidates E-Commerce

Press Release   •   Aug 31, 2012 12:00 GMT

In order to provide the best conditions for growth and synergies in e-commerce, Bonnier is consolidating two of the group’s biggest e-commerce companies: online bookseller Adlibris AB and online movie and game retailer Discshop Näthandel AB. At the same time, mail order and online movie, music and game retailer Homeenter will become a part of Bonnierförlagen.

Discshop will become a subsidiary of Adlibris and as a consequence part of book publisher Bonnierförlagen. Henrik Oscarsson, CEO for Discshop, will report to Magnus Dimert, CEO for Adlibris. The new organization is effective immediately and will include as well further development of the existing product portfolio. Expansion of the product portfolio can be both organic as well as via acquisition.

“Our companies have a lot in common,” says Dimert. “By consolidating we can take advantage of each other’s competence and open up for expansion, but above all give our consumers an even better offering.”

“I can’t think of a better partner than Adlibris in order to take advantage of the powerful growth in e-commerce,” says Oscarsson. “Together we have an exciting journey ahead of us.”

Homeenter, which like Discshop has been part of SF Consumer Entertainment, will in the future become a part of Bonnierförlagen. Homeenter CEO Marie Bratani-Olsson will report to Jacob Dalborg, CEO of Bonnierförlagen.

Further information:

Magnus Dimert, CEO, Adlibris, tel. +46 8-54 60 60 18
Henrik Oscarsson, CEO, Discshop, tel. +46 8-50 56 55 01
Marie Bratani-Olsson, CEO, Homeenter, tel. +46 40-690 82 01
Jacob Dalborg, CEO, Bonnierförlagen, tel: +46 8-696 80 01

About Adlibris
Adlibris is the online book store for book lovers. Every day Adlibris delivers 40,000 books to book lovers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. With 1.5 million active customers, a range of 10 million titles, free shipping and the ambition to always offer the best prices, Adlibris is the No. 1 bookstore for anyone who loves books. Adlibris was founded in 1997 and is today the leading bookstore in the Nordic region.

About Discshop
Discshop is the online store for film and game lovers. Discshop was founded in 1999 and is today one of the leading e-retailers for home entertainment in the Nordic region, with distribution in both Sweden and Finland. Discshop represents quality, great customer service, quick deliveries and favorable prices for which the company has received numerous awards, among others the E-retailer of the Year, Pricerunner: Film & Music 2010 and 2011; and Top 100 Internetworld 2007, 2008, 2009. With a wide range of products, attractive bonus programs and extensive knowledge within film and games, Discshop is the top choice when it comes to home entertainment.

About Homeenter
Homeenter is a company within Bonnier specializing in mail order sales and mail order clubs. Selling music, movies and games in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, the headquarters are in Malmö, Sweden. Homeenter is the market leader in its segment. Read more about the company at

Bonnier is a multi-channel media group with companies and brands across 16 countries. Bonnier AB is wholly owned by the Bonnier family.