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We want to use the sea as a healing power for our young guests.

Blog post   •   Apr 01, 2019 22:00 -12

Hello world!

I am the emperor penguin Bowie, the mascot of Bowspirit Kids, on the beautiful Ekström Ice Shelf in the north of Antarctica near Neumayer-Station III.

Why do we want to go on a sea voyage with our young guests? Some people might think one could have a good time with the kids somewhere on land.

You could certainly experience that. But we want to have more than just a good time. We would like to take our young guests on a little trip to our "source".

In evolutionary history, all life on earth comes from the sea. We want to use the sea now as a healing power for our young guests.

The sea has been a special attraction for you humans for thousands of years. The sea is like you - sometimes calm and sometimes rough, sometimes deep and sometimes shallow ... a mirror of your self.

Look at me: I am a bird, but I can properly "fly" only in the water.
It's similar with you: You can only experience true freedom if you leave Mother Earth for a shorter or longer moment. Since flights into space are not yet possible for so many people, we want to go out to the (infinite) sea.

Some of our potential guests simply went through hell. We therefore think that just the best should be good enough in any case for these children and youths. And this is certainly a sea voyage even today - especially if it takes place with a "floating playroom" and one is allowed to get to know and visit areas of the ship that a guest would otherwise never have the chance to see.

One never forgets this experience. We put a positive experience on the side of the negative experience of illness - it doesn't erase it, but it puts it into perspective.

And there is another reason - but I'll tell you about it next time.

Have a great time - see you soon!

Yours Bowie 🐧