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We will also work with the families.

Blog post   •   Apr 29, 2019 22:00 -12

Hello world!

I am the emperor penguin Bowie, the mascot of Bowspirit Kids, on the beautiful Ekström Ice Shelf in the north of Antarctica near Neumayer-Station III.

With us on board we would like to give seriously ill children and youths and their siblings back their lost childhood. But what happens when the kids return home?

Our focus is clearly on working with and for the kids. But of course we know that our work would be lost if the children returned to an unchanged environment after their stay with us.

We will therefore also work with the families, the parents. The departure and arrival days are ideal for this. On the departure day we will work out with the parents what we intend to do with the children. There will be a lot for the parents to think about ... there will be time and space during the kid's stay with us. On the day of arrival we will talk to the parents and give specific suggestions for each kid.

Of course, what has been said on board will stay on board. But we will give general hints on how to support the individual path each child has taken with us. This can range from "let it go" to "Anna wants to come back, we'll have time for her then and then ...".

Have a great time - see you soon!

Yours Bowie 🐧